Man United on alert as Lazio star reveals he has NOT signed new deal

first_img1 Lucas Biglia Manchester United have been put on red alert after Lazio midfielder Lucas Biglia revealed he has not signed a new contract.The Argentina international was linked with a move away in the summer after impressing in Serie A last season.Manchester United were one of the clubs keeping tabs on the 29-year-old, while Wolfsburg were also reportedly interested.In a bid to keep hold of Biglia there was talk that Lazio were ready to offer him an extension on his current deal, which expires in 2018.However, the former Anderlecht man has now revealed he is no closer to agreeing new terms with the club.“I have not signed any renewal with Lazio,” Biglia told read more

Fantasy Premier League: The 15 best value stars for your team

first_img 15 5. Jack Butland (Stoke) – Value rating = 20.9 – An outrageous £4.5m pick at the start of the year has blossomed into £5.3m point-winning machine. Nine clean sheets and 12 bonus points make him one of the best goalkeepers around. He’s got an assist to his name, too! Classic Stoke. 15 15 15 15 6. Petr Cech (Arsenal) – Value rating = 20.8 – Undervalued by the Fantasy Premier League price-setters at the start of the season, the Arsenal goalkeeper has been outstanding. His 12 clean sheets and 12 bonus points make him a great purchase at £5.9m. 15 15 2. Odion Igalho (Watford) – Value rating = 23.7 – The Nigerian goalmachine has been one of the surprise stars of the season. A natural finisher, he’s hit 15 goals this season, while assists and a stunning 25 bonus points have enhanced his value. He’s still available for just £6.3m. 1. Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City) – Value rating = 25.8 – It was probably obvious but the Algerian star, and one of the players of the year, has been a point winner all season. He’s amassed 32 bonus points on top of those accrued by scoring goals and making them too. He started the season worth £5.5m and is now up to £7.1m. 15 8. Charlie Daniels (Bournemouth) – Value rating = 20 – Perhaps a shock player on this list, the ex-Tottenham man is a penalty taking defender capable of grabbing an assist with his dangerous crossing, but most importantly Daniels gets bonus points with 14 coming his way this season. Not bad considering his price is £4.6m and only 4.6 per cent of managers have picked him. 3. Heurelho Gomes (Watford) – Value rating = 22.5 – Once a laughing stock at Tottenham, the Brazilian has rebuilt his reputation at Watford. He’s always making saves giving him an extra point a game than most other players. He’s just £4.8m and worth considering as an alternative if you and your rivals have the same shot-stopper. 15 15 12= Hugo Lloris (Tottenham) – Value rating = 18.7 – Spurs’ excellent defending has surprised many this season and it’s benefited those who took a risk on the Frenchman. At £5.2m Lloris is good value for money with nine clean sheets to his name. 4. Jamie Vardy (Leicester City) – Value rating = 21.4 – When it comes to the Fantasy Premier League it’s no Vardy, no party! 15 15 9. Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City) – Value rating = 19.8 – Unsurprisingly, the Danish goalkeeper makes the top ten having kept eight clean sheets. He also is good for an extra point thanks to the amount of saves he makes. 15 With 13 Premier League games to go before the season ends, the race for Fantasy Premier League titles are just as exciting as the real thing (almost).At this point in time it’s crucial to have the right men for the job and a wildcard is pretty handy, too, and this could be an opportune time to freshen up your squad unless you’ve already cashed in your golden ticket.Stars like Sergio Aguero, Alexis Sanchez, Harry Kane, Mesut Ozil and Raheem Sterling might form the core of your team but you also need some cheaper players to keep your team’s price low.So who are the best value stars in the Fantasy Premier League? talkSPORT takes a look.Click the right arrow about to find out which players provide the best value for money…*Fantasy Premier League’s value rating is calculated by dividing points won by the player’s current price 12= Jose Fonte (Southampton) – Value rating = 18.7 – Solid as a rock, Fonte has helped the Saints keep five clean sheets in five games, making him one of the best value stars around. Capable of a goal too, he could be a handy player to pick at £5.3m. 15 10. Troy Deeney (Watford) – Value rating = 19.8 – The Hornets captain has scored six goals and made eight assists this season. At £5.2m he represents superb value and has been selected by just 4 per cent of managers. He’s a wildcard, for sure. 14. Craig Cathcart (Watford) – Value rating = 18.3 – Cathcart has been a key part of the Hornets’ defence during their outstanding performances this season. He’s worth a punt at £4.6m, especially given the fact Watford have kept nine clean sheets and only 2.6 per cent of teams have selected him. 11. Dele Alli (Tottenham) – Value rating = 19.2 – This starlet needs no introduction, as Alli has been a key member of Tottenham’s title bid and is a snip at £5.9m. 15 15. Scott Dann (Crystal Palace) – Value rating = 18.1 – Who are the best value stars in the Fantasy Premier League? Value ratings are calculated by dividing points won by the player’s current price and here, talkSPORT looks at the best purchases beginning with Eagles defender Dann. He might not be recording many clean sheets at the moment but he’s scored five goals and registered an assist so far this campaign. You can pick him up for £5.8m. 7. Robert Huth (Leicester City) – Value rating = 20.7 – Manchester City couldn’t handle the Huth last weekend and the towering German is racking up the points in the Fantasy Premier League too. His recent goalscoring form has aided his impressive tally, which has benefitted from the Foxes’ clean sheets. last_img read more

Senate filibuster kills common-sense immigration reform

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Those who would have been eligible for a path to citizenship under the Dream Act have, in many cases, spent most of their lives in the United States. They would also have to have no criminal history and be high-school graduates. An on top of that, they would have to complete two years of college or serve in the military. Culturally, they couldn’t be more American. They speak English – sometimes exclusively. And if forced to return to their parents’ native countries, they would be lost in a world entirely unfamiliar to them. But under current law, these young people are invisible strangers in their own country. Despite their education, the only jobs they can get are those that pay under the table. They can’t get driver’s licenses. Or vote. Or participate fully in the civic and social life of the land they call home. It is foolishness not to take these people out of the shadows and normalize their immigration status. But foolishness is the state of our current immigration system, with laws that are unenforceable and remain perpetually unenforced. And a political class that can’t even make the smallest changes to that broken system is worse than foolish – it’s contemptible. IMMIGRATION is an issue on which America is, unfortunately, divided to the point of paralysis. The divisions are so intense that not only is Congress incapable of passing major, comprehensive reforms, but it can’t even approve the simplest, most common-sense ones, either. Like the Dream Act. On Wednesday, a filibuster effectively killed this legislation, which would have allowed highly motivated, well-educated children of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. The Dream Act does not reward lawbreakers. Its only beneficiaries are people whose parents broke the immigration laws by bringing their innocent children with them. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

L.A. needs more cops and value for public’s tax dollars

first_imgPinching the public’s pennies won’t fix the financial outlook. Charging the public higher taxes and fees won’t fix it. And cutting public services won’t fix it. The problem is overspending. If the mayor and the City Council want to set the city on a stable financial path, they need live within their means. That means paying employees what they’re worth, and demanding more productivity and workplace discipline. It also means ending the massive subsidies to wealthy corporations, getting rid of sweetheart contracts with insiders and reducing the perks of elected officials and their staffs. Let’s see City Hall improve its performance before it asks for more public money or starts cutting public services.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREStriving toward a more perfect me: Doug McIntyre The first foray into cost-cutting came from City Councilman Bernard Parks, whose anger at the Police Department he used to run prompted him to call on the city to renege on its promise to hire more cops with the trash-fee hike that was imposed on homeowners. Fortunately, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stood up to him, and prevailed against Parks’ effort to divert money from the city’s No.1 goal – hiring more cops. Now, the mayor has offered his own two-bit solution to the budget crunch: End the moratorium on special-event fee waivers for everything from community events to the Oscars and the L.A. Marathon. There’s a real cost to taxpayers for these events, but it’s only about $5million a year, a tiny fraction of what the trash fee generates for extra cops. Some events are worthy of public subsidies, and others aren’t, but no one has come up with a fair formula for how to decide which ones are which. But what’s really wrong with both of these proposals is that they attempt to solve the wrong problems with the wrong solutions. center_img MONEY’S tight for Los Angeles’ municipal government – despite a massive surge in city revenue in recent years. That’s because years of overspending has left City Hall with a payroll it can’t afford. To keep from admitting priorities are askew, city officials are looking everywhere for cash so that they won’t have to cut the things they love. So, naturally, they look to us. With a budget crisis looming, City Hall needs to look at how to eliminate inefficiencies and inefficient employees, low-value programs and the high cost of payroll and benefits. last_img read more

Giuliani sees California as a touchstone state

first_imgPresidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani received a rock-star reception from supporters in Glendale on Tuesday, vowing he can take California not only in the primary election, but in the presidential contest as well. After being besieged by excited supporters brandishing cell-phone cameras, the former New York City mayor and Republican front-runner sat down for a one-on-one interview with the Daily News. Here are excerpts from that interview: Q: Do you think you’re going to get (support from those who voted for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger)? Q: Have you talked with Gov. Schwarzenegger at all about any type of endorsement? A: I talk to Gov. Schwarzenegger all the time, but obviously when you talk about endorsements you keep that confidential. The governor has to make his own decision. He’s a good friend and I talk to him quite a bit. Q: What kind of support have you received from any prominent figures in L.A.? A: Well, I’ve gotten the support of your ex-mayor – Mayor (Richard) Riordan, he’s been a strong supporter – your ex-governor, Gov. (Pete) Wilson, Kurt Pringle, who’s the mayor of Anaheim. Q: (LAPD Chief William) Bratton? A: Well, Bill and I have talked several times. Bill’s a Democrat, and I respect that. Q: (Reports are) now saying that immigration reform is going to have to wait until after the 2008 election. Can it wait? Should it wait? A: I can’t assess that. I mean, the legislative priorities are not something that I am privy to. I would say that it cannot wait to do border security and President Bush should be doing it right now. He should be expanding the size of the Border Patrol and building both the physical and the virtual or technological fence, because it’s a combination of both along the 2,000-mile border. And he should be making a significant effort to tighten up our borders so that the next president can get that job done as quickly as possible. … The more progress we can make on that over the next year, year and a half, the faster we can get it done and the sooner we can look at real immigration reform. Because real immigration reform is premised on a very simple fact: We have to end illegal immigration. Q: Can you do that? A: … I understand maybe as clearly as anyone and I’m able to carry this out probably better than anyone. We have to end illegal immigration. Q: Part of your appeal has been with wooing moderate voters. What does the endorsement of Pat Robertson say about that? A: It says I can reach out to all voters. Q: Considering some of the controversial things he’s said, though, about Ariel Sharon, about gays. A: … Pat endorsed me for the three reasons that are very clear and are very important. He endorsed me because he believes I’d be the strongest in dealing with the Islamic terrorist threat against America, that I would handle the War on Terror better than anyone else. He endorsed me because he thinks I’d be the best at restraining spending and lowering taxes. … And third, he felt that I would be the best in appointing judges. … Because I don’t have to change my positions to get wide support. I can be myself. [email protected] 818-713-3702160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREStriving toward a more perfect me: Doug McIntyre A: I think I’m going to get all the Republicans! … I think we have the broadest support among the widest group of Republicans of any of the Republican candidates. Q: And how do you see the Republicans in California? A: Just like the Republicans in New York. Just like the Republicans in New Hampshire. … I’m appealing to them by not changing the views that are deeply held, by trying to be who I am, by being as honest about that as I can express. … And I think, of the Republicans, I’m the candidate that has the best chance of winning California – the general (election). Q: Candidates usually don’t have a very good track record of showing up in California or spending much time here. A: … This is one of the states we’ve been in the most. … And because I truly believe that we have as good a chance as Hillary Clinton to win this state in November. And I honestly can tell you, if any of my (GOP) opponents is nominated they will close down their office in California the day after they get nominated. And I’m going to expand my office the day after I’m nominated. last_img read more

Robbery conviction would be third strike

first_imgTo the boys on his Pee Wee football team, Anthony Cuellar was “Aqua Man.” To authorities, he was the “Mickey Mouse Bandit” – a bank robber who, on at least one occasion, disguised himself in a Mickey Mouse hat to steal thousands in cash. “I think there are people out there who live this double life,” said San Marino police Lt. Steve Johnson. “Those people can disguise it really well.” Cuellar’s wife, Rebecca, said his Nov. 2 arrest at their Tarzana home was a shock. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREPettersson scores another winner, Canucks beat KingsSan Marino police detectives picked him up on suspicion of felony bank robbery. Authorities believe the 33-year-old is responsible for eight heists throughout Los Angeles County, including one in San Marino last month in which the robber stole an estimated $12,000. During the arrest, authorities say they recovered clothes that matched those used in the robberies and $4,000 stained with dye hidden away in the master bedroom. “I’m angry and I’m saddened and I’m grieving,” Rebecca Cuellar said. “I know the evidence that they have, and I know I’m probably never going to see my husband again.” The couple met through a friend in 2006 while Anthony Cuellar was serving time for a prior robbery conviction. They married last August. “He was very charming, very respectful,” she said. “He had a lot of family values.” The day Anthony Cuellar, was paroled, the two had a sunset wedding in Malibu Beach. Photos from the couple’s album show a festive day with family and friends. Rebecca’s 9-year-old son was Anthony’s best man and her 13-year-old daughter was her maid of honor. The couple wore flip flops with the words “Just Married” on the soles. “I felt I knew him as a person and what his goals were and what he wanted in life,” she said. “You can’t judge somebody based on one or two things they’ve done. You have to base someone on how they treat you.” Rebecca Cuellar, 31, called her husband a “phenomenal” person who – despite two robbery convictions – was trying to turn his life around. Together, they lived a seemingly normal life. Anthony Cuellar worked a 9-5 job as a delivery driver for a hazardous materials company, and he was a volunteer water monitor for his stepson’s Pee Wee football team in Reseda. “He never missed a game,” she said. “He never missed a practice.” The family took trips together to the mountains and visited Disneyland this year. Anthony Cuellar was popular and well-liked among the neighbors, his wife said. “During the recent fires, my father lives in Fallbrook, and Anthony dropped everything he was doing to go help my father save his house,” she said. “This is the person we’re talking about here. A natural hero.” But police say Anthony Cuellar had a dark side. They believe that since January, he has been sneaking away from his “normal life” to commit brazen armed robberies in Woodland Hills, Long Beach and Encino, among other locations. “It’s a crime you can get away with a number of times,” said Jean Rosenbluth, a law professor at USC. “Unfortunately, it tends to embolden people.” Rosenbluth served as a federal prosecutor from 1995 to 2005 and has worked many bank-robbery cases. She said that because bank tellers are instructed to comply with demands during a heist, robbers often see it as an “easy crime.” It’s especially attractive for those in financial straits, she said. Typically, bank robbers are driven by either greed or a drug or gambling addiction, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said. “There are some bank robbers who lead normal lives,” she said. “They aren’t suspected by neighbors or family. … In most cases, however, the one common factor is desperation,” she said. Sometimes, bank robbers are driven by the thrill of getting away with a crime, Rosenbluth said. “We have had some recent robberies of young people who don’t need the money, who have wealthy families and are just sort of bored,” she said. “This is what they do.” In the case of the Mickey Mouse Bandit, police say Anthony Cuellar was in the process of buying a new home and was strapped for cash. But Rebecca denies any financial hardship. Instead, she claims her husband is the victim of a broken judicial system that fails to offer convicted criminals any sort of rehabilitation. “He commits crimes, I believe, as an addiction,” she said. “The only type of person who does things like this is a sociopath and how he’s slipped through the cracks so many times I don’t understand.” Cuellar, through his wife, declined to comment on whether he committed the bank robberies. But said in answers to e-mailed questions sent to his wife that he needs help. “You got kids coming in here, fresh off the street who don’t know what’s going on and they are very easily manipulated,” he said. “The system just makes them another number.” Cuellar, who is at North County Correctional Facility in Saugus, has so far been charged with only one count of suspicion of armed robbery. Johnson said that in the coming weeks, an additional seven counts will likely be filed. If convicted on all counts, as a third-striker, Cuellar faces spending the rest of his life in prison, Johnson said. “It all depends on the judge and district attorney,” Anthony Cuellar said. “I wish they would help me rather than send me back to what created me.” [email protected] (626) 962-8811, Ext. 2109160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Lee Clark: If Newcastle stay up, Benitez will get them fighting for SILVERWARE

first_imgLee Clark claims Newcastle can go on to enjoy great success under Rafa Benitez IF they remain in the Premier League this season.The Spaniard, appointed Steve McClaren’s successor in March, has a clause in his contract allowing him to leave if the club fail to win their fight for survival.But Magpies fan and former player Clark hopes it will not come to that, telling talkSPORT Benitez can achieve something special at St James’ Park.Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Clark said: “If he stays, history tells you that he will produce a team that will be up at the right end of the table and challenging for silverware.“He can attract players. It is difficult at times for the north east clubs because of where we are situated and competing with clubs in Manchester or Liverpool to get the top players.“But if we have got someone like Rafa Benitez and he is going to speak to players and their agents, that is going to help the club no end to try and attract the top-end players rather than the middle to bottom tier type of players that come into the Premier League.”Benitez has a tough challenge on his hands to rescue Newcastle’s Premier League status.They are currently sitting 18th in the table, a point adrift of 17th-placed Norwich and 16th-placed Sunderland, having played a game more than their rivals.But with home games against Crystal Palace and Tottenham, and a trip to Aston Villa sandwiched in between, Clark believes their run-in provides them with a real chance of escaping relegation.He added: “The optimism is growing in the city. We have got a top-drawer manager and we have done something in the last two games against Man City and Liverpool we haven’t done most of the season  – that is come back from being behind from a goal or two and showing a fighting spirit.“And the way it has worked out, in the last three games have the teams got anything to play for? Palace may have one eye on the FA Cup final. Aston Villa, it is well documented what is going on at Villa Park, and Tottenham’s season could be over in terms of the title for them.“Lady luck might be looking on us as a club and coupled with having Rafa Benitez at the helm, it is a lot more positive than it was three or four weeks ago that is for sure.”last_img read more

Man United turn attention to Valencia star after Sanches snub

first_imgManchester United are ready to break the bank for Valencia star Andre Gomes after missing out on Renato Sanches to Bayern Munich.The Red Devils had been chasing Sanches since January, but he has now opted to join the German champions instead.That leaves Manchester United still searching for a new central midfielder to strengthen their squad in the summer.And their new main target, according to Super Deporte, is Valencia playmaker Gomes.The 22-year-old, who has been likened to Zinedine Zidane, is wanted by several big clubs from around Europe.And as a result, Valencia have slapped a huge £50m price tag on the Portuguese’s head. Valencia star Andre Gomes 1last_img read more

Speeding SUV flies off 105 Fwy in Hawthorne

first_imgA speeding SUV went off the side of the Glenn (105) Anderson freeway today and plunged into the backyard of a home in Hawthorne, leaving the woman who had been driving it trapped in the wreck for about 45 minutes. The accident on the westbound 105 just west of Prairie was reported at 3:17 a.m. today, said California Highway Patrol Officer Francisco Villalobos. The woman was extricated shortly after 4 a.m. and taken to UCLA Medical Center, Villalobos said, adding that the extent of her injuries was not immediately known. A CHP officer at the scene told an RMG News camera crew that the crash, which remains under investigation, appears to have been the result of excessive speed. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhicker: Clemson demonstrates that it’s tough to knock out the champThe accident prompted the closure of two freeway lanes for a time. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Dems show contrasting styles in their pursuit of White House

first_imgDES MOINES, Iowa – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s appearances are not billed as anything so conventional as mere “rallies” or “town meetings” or “speeches.” In the past 10 days, Clinton has presided over “Moms and Daughters Making History” events, “Time to Pick a President” events, “Working for Change, Working for You” events, “The Hillary I Know” events and “Every County Counts” events. She rarely names her chief competitors for the Democratic presidential nomination, but their presence looms. “Some people think you can hope for change,” she said at one recent event, in a jab at Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. “Some people think you can just demand it,” she adds, in a swipe at former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina. “I think you do it by working really, really hard,” she said, before going on to catalog her resume. As Obama, Clinton and Edwards try – ever so politely – to eviscerate one another in the final few days before the Iowa caucuses on Thursday, the flavor and substance of their competing performances reveal a basic cultural, thematic and stylistic divide in their campaigns, their supporters and themselves. “I welcome their hatred,” Edwards says of “entrenched interests,” quoting Franklin D. Roosevelt. His crowds, heavily populated by “my brothers and sisters in organized labor,” are the most likely to break into spontaneous chants. He received a long standing ovation in Davenport, begun by his wife, Elizabeth, seated behind him, while a scattering of older voters covered their ears. Obama presents himself as the ultimate fresh face, untainted by the experience Clinton trumpets as her prime asset. He appears out of nowhere, makes a big entrance on stage and tends to address his crowds as a singular civic unit (“Hello, Marshalltown”), as a real rock star would. His events are slightly ragtag compared with his counterparts’. They draw younger people, many with Obama bumper stickers on their backs, as opposed to the smaller stickers placed neatly on the lapels of Clinton’s supporters. Toddlers are more likely to be seen scurrying around Obama events, sometimes breaching forbidden areas, like TV camera risers. Clinton’s events are meticulously planned and orderly, and even seem regal at times. She stands with her hands folded at her waist while waiting to speak; she typically stands next to her daughter, Chelsea, who in recent weeks has been silently accompanying her, hands folded in perfect symmetry with her mother’s. While being introduced by a supporter in Guthrie Center on Thursday night, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were slumped shoulder-to-shoulder, holding each other up.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECoach Doc Rivers a “fan” from way back of Jazz’s Jordan ClarksonObama’s final zigzag across Iowa is known simply as his “Stand for Change” tour. But it could just as easily be called his “I’m Not Hillary” tour. (“And Not John Edwards, Either.”) His references to his rivals are constant and, by and large, thinly veiled: Becoming president, he says, has not been his “long-held ambition” (as has been suspected of both Clinton and Edwards); it is not, he says, something he has craved “since kindergarten” (a reference to the Clinton campaign’s ridicule of a paper he penned, or perhaps crayoned, as a tot); the country is weary of “the same old arguments by the same old folks,” he says. There are similarities: they travel with big-deal entourages, vow to “stand up for you” in Washington (while urging voters to “stand for me” on Thursday night), and look very much in need of a good night’s sleep, or 10. But their distinctions are more revealing, and ultimately reflect the competing notions of change the candidates are seeking to embody. Clinton’s variously named events reflect a candidate striving to convince voters that a host of seemingly contradictory qualities can co-exist in a single candidate: that she is an utterly familiar figure who is an agent of change; that she has already lived in the White House but that her election would be historic and unprecedented; that she is someone who is tough but also likable. Edwards’ events are boisterous, if not always the most crowded (Obama outdrew him 900 to 300 at simultaneous rallies in Davenport on Friday). A jarringly loud rendition of John Mellencamp’s “Our Country” marks his oft-tardy arrivals. He speaks less than an inch from the microphone and deploys bellicose words (22 “fights” in 40 minutes on Saturday morning), stories (about the bloody-nosed beatings he took and gave as a boy) and metaphors (voters must send “a fighter into the arena”). last_img read more