Why home page snapshot update new content not included overnight

3, website: website content updates to the website snapshot is to play a role, when the search engine spiders first came to your site, found the content, there will be second to second times, but if the article is still like the first time and time >

1, website construction: first to do site optimization more this is the site of entities, with the station is the optimization object, construction of Shanghai dragon is the most conducive to conform to the rules of W3C, of course, to fully comply with is not possible, but also want to try to go with him, to the rational use of each label in HTML, such as H1 can only be used once, each page img tag to remember the title property to set the ALT property, a reasonable set of a tags for the like, must pay attention to these. read more

How to make new sites have high weight from the beginning

three, website keywords and title.

set the theme, the next step is to determine the site keywords and title. The website main keywords is generally less than 3, with a few important again keywords; website title should be and contains all the keywords, the very nature of a word, but no more than 33 words, do not stack keywords. For example, 28 to push the title: 28 push BBS make the network marketing, network promotion easier.

domain name age is the older the better, if you have a 10 year old domain name, can play a multiplier effect; domain renewal period is longer, the best is five or six years, if not, get two or three years, now also forty or fifty basic domain renewal year; domain name suffix贵族宝贝,.Net,.Org are considered,.Cn, regardless of info or other strange names, if you want long-term development, the proposal must choose贵族宝贝, although the weight will not give you extra points, but now Chinese netizens still only know贵族宝贝. read more