Turtle and rabbit race, alternative interpretation from the teacher is not convincing success

"website" 1 days do 1 thousand IP, 7 days do 10 thousand IP, earn thousands of months to tens of thousands, want to learn speed contact QQ*****". This is my deleted blog message.

"starting from scratch, getting rich quick" has become a lot of people’s desire

this is not fresh, we all understand, 80% is to cheat others tuition. 05 years began a friend of the whole flow station looked, said: "really have this technology, why do you teach others, more copies of their own sites, and earn more on the line?"". read more

Several reasons why the website can not make money

        for the domestic most of the webmaster, the site of the purpose is to make money from the Internet, only a small part of the webmaster is to interest and do stand, but can make money from the Internet in the webmaster is less and less, according to the survey data of some institutions that can make money from the Internet webmaster also less than 10%, so webmaster why can not earn money from the Internet? In response to this question, Sha sum up a number of reasons!

        1) no clear profit target — many webmaster was in a daze in Web site, in my mind only a rough idea, and not after the practical thought of website profit mode, start sites are "monk bell, one day one day, therefore, if the owners really want to earn money in the Internet, then the line on the site before, the webmaster should be to think about how to profit, and what is a profitable way, is to rely on advertising to earn advertising fees, or to obtain income through membership recharge, or rely on other ways. These are the need to consider the webmaster! read more

Under the financial crisis, grassroots entrepreneurs have stronger vitality

Under the

financial crisis, grassroots entrepreneurs have a stronger vitality,

when the financial crisis sweeps around the world, many companies are thinking about strategies to cope with the financial crisis, and they all want to spend it safely.


after flowing down a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, is the essence, in the process of survival of the fittest, strongest vitality is probably the number of grassroots entrepreneurs.

I, for example, a friend of the company, is the number 100 people, technicians accounted for half of the average annual cost is 200 thousand, a year down, almost 20 million of the investment, this is not the market promotion expenses, their website for more than a year, but not registered members to 20 thousand, much lower than they had expected effect. read more

New site construction process

Hello, I’m a novice, come to bask in my site of the process, say well, please master, don’t suggest.

since the beginning of what I do not understand, Dreamweaver, building a web page of a web page, a 10 page, with a link to a friend even, CN meters, to find a free space to hang up the site, to see their meters open the website, psychology is the happy ah. My friend visited my website and educated me.

friend finished, I know the website program system HTML div+css SEO, and later days is to find these materials, learning in learning, in a variety of local experiments. read more

Two grade city plastic surgery hospital promotion record

Hello, I am wei87, now working in Fujian city two levels of a plastic surgery hospital is responsible for network promotion, I took over the company in May 5, 2009, although the time is long, because often stationmaster net learning with you, your previous work experience to write out. At the beginning of the site, BD does not update, PR2, the set of keywords without ranking. After taking over, began to analyze the site, found that keywords do not meet the search habits, serious stack of words, no friendship links. Well, you’ve found the problem and you can work it out. read more

My view on the successful steps to promote soft writing

soft Wen is nowadays more fiery promotion method. A good soft Wen, whether it is to promote the flow or increase the chain plays a role that can not be ignored. However, if let his soft, more of the spread, first need to attract the attention of the user before a title as a friend published a monthly income of 20 thousand SEO is how to make the same series, although the article is some bookkeeping to talk about, but because this moment can attract the attention of the user making the title, four click on the soft article of this series was broken million. Therefore, we can see that to let users click on the reading article, first of all, the title must allow users to click on the interest. read more

Clever soft writing, Knight Webmaster Station advance rankings

recently, because in each web site published an article entitled "analysis of the knight station, secret Adsense new opportunities" article. On the same day, by search "Knight master station" into my station, there are more than 100. The number of visits to the knight’s station has dropped recently, which may be related to the festival. From this data, the proportion of users using Baidu and Google is seen.

Baidu search the day, "Knight master station" number of read more

Let Baidu update data included in time

recently discovered a little trick:

1, in Baidu input: site:http://s.yw11.com (that is, your web site) to get the site to include data.

Baidu, find relevant pages 180, with 0.001 seconds

2, find

at the bottom of Baidu

, [1] [2], [3], [5], [6], [7], [4], [8], [9], 10

every 10 page down, always point to the last page, when prompted: in order to provide the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries similar content, click here to see all search results, then click on the prompt connection. read more

Beauty website optimization four skills

for the information website, pure flow is a site of vitality, for want to own product profit as a website, to distinguish these flows, which will be translated into the flow of gravity, this part is the key. For the beauty information website of the following example, we analyze how to optimize it from its content page to effectively transform this part of traffic.

content optimization

, a guide and to join.

as a high weight (PR6) information website, its originality is the purpose of its development. From the content page analysis, the introduction part of the original message and high, and in the first sentence that target keywords. Increase the correlation of the page, is conducive to page ranking, so as to get more traffic. read more

Dedecms5.1-utf-8 version modified in English

this article modifies the dedecms5.1 UTF-8 version and only modifies the article section.

first of all, if you want to modify, it is best to backup your original files so as not to make mistakes.

this modification has been tested many times and has been installed in most foreign spaces.

, if not modified, please download my dedecms5.1UTF-8 English version of the article module.

has modified the download address: China Adsense and advertising forum can not send outside, please search for "dedecms5.1-utf-8" English modified version". read more