LEE KEE Chuanchuan Xiang joined in support of what

We all know that

is the traditional catering industry, catering to long-term development must continue to emerge, changes in the original basis, take the string of fragrant change, there is a brand to do good, worth learning, that is, Li Chuanchuan xiang.

Li Chuanchuan Xiang Road has been leading in innovation, abandon the traditional number sign check mode, to create electronic balance sign new checkout, not only saves the labor cost, but also saves the guest checkout waiting time, and create the string scale sign sign fun to eat dinner. In the dishes, Li, Qi, string of fragrance with fresh features, constantly enrich the varieties of dishes, the dishes varieties has reached hundreds, provide for different guests taste needs to eat Chuanchuan Xiang is no longer a traditional concept of cheap, but a kind of taste buds on the new enjoy, spend the least money, eat up the dishes, this is Li Chuanchuan Xiang has been adhering to the business philosophy. At the same time also get the favor of the vast number of consumers, then join this product Oh what support?

Li Chuanchuan Xiang joined in support of what?

join support as follows:

company headquarters support

1. authorized the use of "trademark Tubao Chuanchuan Xiang Li Ji".

2. LEE KEE placing ingredients, spices and other business necessities Chuanchuan Xiang special bottom material.

3. provides training on the job and kitchen skills training.

4. support manager on site support and training.

5. company provides marketing program planning support.

design decoration support

Before the opening of

1. company engineering required for the scientific arrangement of functional part of the advice and design layout for you.

2. system decoration support program.

3. before the opening of the entire renovation recommendations and reference advice, the decoration price reference.

guidance training support

1. before and during the opening of the company to send the project manager to assist in the operation and management of the store (15-20 days, if there is a delay in advance to the company).

2. before the opening of the job responsibilities and service process training.


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