Wenzhou fifth rural youth entrepreneurship contest recently ended

young entrepreneurs are very common in society, have appeared around a lot, at the same time, the country in order to promote social youth entrepreneurship activities, introduced a lot of entrepreneurial activities in Wenzhou in 2015, the Postal Savings Bank Cup fifth session of the Wenzhou city rural youth entrepreneurship competition came to an end.

through layers of screening and competition, nearly 4 months recently, in 2015, the Postal Savings Bank Cup "of the fifth Wenzhou Municipal Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Contest Finals ended, Wenzhou vice mayor Ren Yuming, Wenzhou Municipal Communist Youth League Secretary Lin Xiaolu attended the activity.

"Internet plus" "young" and "rural" is the biggest characteristic of this contest. Finalists of the 40 players in each of their own time within 5 minutes, the form of PPT through the concept of project design, product design and innovation, by experts to comment, scoring. Finally, I want to catch the fresh health industry shopping network, Taishun agricultural net, national flowers and other 6 projects respectively won the creative group, entrepreneurship business group and agricultural entities group first prize.


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