How to join Ali grouper Hot pot

food and beverage industry merchants has been in the field of sunrise industry, what business brand items are able to meet the needs of different investors. Some people want to invest in food and beverage projects, but the food and beverage brand is not clear direction. So Xiaobian here to tell the most popular delicacy certainly not your food industry less fish, fish with fish as the main ingredient, Hot pot, put the fish perform a different taste, let love fish friends eat forget. So how to join Ali grouper Hot pot?

Ali grouper Hot pot how to join? What conditions need to meet? See the following details:

Ali grouper joining conditions:

Hot pot

1, reputable personal enterprise, independent business body

2, strong economic strength, good financial credit

3, engaged in food and beverage enterprises entrepreneurial enthusiasm and management capabilities

4, must accept the headquarters management mode and management guidance

5, good location and parking lot

6, willing to jointly build Beijing Ali grouper catering brand brilliant

7, familiar with the local market, have certain business experience and strong market competition consciousness

Ali procedure:

Hot pot grouper

1, telephone, network consulting

2, submitted to join the application

3, headquarters or model shop inspection

4, headquarters investigation and analysis

5, signed a franchise contract

6, pay join fee

7, officially opened

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