Guangzhou women’s entrepreneurship Association

college students in the ranks of college students more and more, in the Internet era, many women entrepreneurs have access to new development opportunities. Guangzhou women’s Federation held a special symposium on female college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship.

then, the representative of the college the school introduces in Entrepreneurship and innovation work plan, progress and achievements, the entrepreneurship competition through the organization of students, the establishment of incubators, free training courses, invited experts and successful business representative form of open lectures to help female students raise awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ability, comprehensive quality. Participants for the establishment of female college students in Guangzhou Venture Alliance expressed their views, agreed to join the league, play complementary advantages, the overall upgrade.

the forum a complete success, has laid a good foundation for the development of women in Guangzhou city and Guangzhou area will promote the female college students union, accelerate the work of women’s entrepreneurship and innovation process.

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