How can you make a lot of money

how to make a lot of money? This is a lot of investment and business people want to understand the problem, each growth environment is different, the way of thinking is not the same, but there are still some principles of success can be found. Many successful entrepreneurs must have some unique skills to succeed, let’s see how they succeed!


"Chinese representative is chicken king," said the Dalian Han Wei Enterprise Group founder Han Wei.

1956, Han Wei was born in Dalian City East Nihe three mountain village, a farmer family. In the middle of 1970s were recruited for the three mountain town of livestock assistants. How to make money? The 1984 Korea resignation of the sea, venture capital to 3000 yuan from relatives and friends to borrow, raise 50 laying hens, with the end of the year, bank loans in Korea from 150 thousand yuan, began to set up a chicken farm, Dalian has become the largest breeding specialist, also become the most individual household debt in Dalian.

Korea has been able to in the case of unsecured loan from the bank in such a huge sum of money, because at that time the city of Dalian is carrying out "food basket project", Han farm extension project is "urgent government is urgent". In support of the government, and loans from Korea soon built a 2 million 80 thousand yuan, covers an area of 44 mu, building area of 8000 square meters, raised 80 thousand chickens chicken modernization Chang Han empty started, the first year of its farm output will reach 2 million 100 thousand yuan, which is also the gold in Korea ahead of.

?The representative example is

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