nvestment can get what project support bigeye buns

big buns to eat before? The name to know this bigeye baozi is a good brand investment, because really enough ah. In fact, the name is not so big buns, Shanghai large catering Management Co. Ltd was founded by Mr. Wang Xiaotian, Mr. Wang Xiaotian as the nickname "big eyes", so the company named "big eyes". "Big buns" in essence Steamed Buns pastry Jiang Zhen technology, combined with the unique ingredients, with thin skin, stuffing big, juicy and delicious "and other characteristics, more than 10 years by consumers. Then join what support bigeye buns?

large steamed stuffed bun to join? What is the support to join bigeye buns?

headquarters support:

a, brand support

1, a unified national chain stores eyes logo, unified image of

2, the national unified decoration style, media advertising, shaping a strong brand

two, training support

1, headquarters has a professional training base, training includes:

2, manager training, staff training, combat operations, store operations, product knowledge, service specification etc.. At the end of the training, a certificate issued by the company headquarters

three, store management system training

The headquarters of the

senior marketing division regular system of agents, comprehensive store management training, including business plan, store management, staff recruitment, promotion, service skills, creative planning, advertising sales arrangement etc..

four, operational support

1, the headquarters of the store to provide business guidance, display guidance, professional staff training, irregular shop and store management assistance.

2, the headquarters for the maintenance of the "big eyes" brand image, the ad hoc headquarters marketing specialist (operation supervision) perennial tour around the steering.

five, cargo and logistics support

Shanghai has a national distribution center, agreed to delivery. In the logistics distribution system, grasp the dynamics of every chain store sales and demand, and the first time for you to provide cable needed raw materials products door-to-door delivery service, to ensure the normal operation of each chain store.

six, advocacy support

1, headquarters will invest a lot of money every year to promote the brand

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