24 year old girl with this store to earn $200 thousand

is now an era of multi platform development, of course, give us the opportunity to get up too, as long as you have the opportunity to be able to succeed, and now it is no longer the era of academic qualifications. Of course, if you want to engage in academic writing can choose to continue their studies, but now is still the need to have proficiency in a particular line time.

now with the rapid development of society, people in consumer demand and more on a higher level, in many directions are the pursuit of perfection, are in the pursuit of better products, better development in the consumer market, from the current social development trend, but the industry is now very popular snacks the ice cream, Hot pot franchise is not know you find the business opportunities?

24 year old high school graduates to play the entrepreneurial ice cream hot pot store to earn 200 thousand

an ice cream shop to join Hot pot two girls, are interested in tasting "ice cream Hot pot". This "ice cream Hot pot" is a small bowl of hot chocolate or jam gravy stew in alcohol stove, cook a few minutes to see the bubble gently after the customer with a small spoon, ice cream or fruit into small pieces of "Hot pot", "mutton" dipped in hot chocolate ice cream or jam sauce in the cool, sweet delicious. After the advent of "ice cream hot pot", it is very popular with female customers.

ordinary high school education, simple life experience, a thin girl has entered the "Asian · wealth of life" sight — for a year, she earned 200 thousand ways to make money is simple, It is quite common for people sell ice cream.

ice cream hot pot restaurant this girl named Liu Weili, 24 years old.

when you go shopping, at the entrance of a supermarket in Changchun, see a machine to make ice cream, if there is a thin girl next to the machine, maybe she is Liu Weili.

ice cream Hot pot stores, ran 20 times before knocking on the door of


2000, Liu Weili graduated from high school, no matter how persuaded the family, she just did not want to read. Subsequently, the arrangement of the family, she went to work in a property company in Harbin. Just started to work, in the face of everything new, 19 year old Liu Weili feel very happy.

but, a year and a half later, she felt the work of a single, lack of creativity, they decided to resign, intends to do some business.

do a little business is a simple idea, but the idea is to achieve a lot of twists and turns.

would like to open a beauty salon, would like to open a small supermarket…… But for various reasons, a year and a half

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