Professional business platform Fengjing mother service platform for mothers service

many middle-aged women want to start, but could not find the way. In order to help more women opened the road of entrepreneurship, launched the "Jing mother" sale Shanghai Jinshan District Fengjing town, play the brand for this group of entrepreneurial mothers, courting.

stem cuibao activities message to her "mother Fengjing" service platform in the successful operation and growth in 2015 affirmed and congratulations, hope "Fengjing mothers to continue to produce more high-quality products to show women’s style in order to better Fengjing entrepreneurial attitude. At the same time, hope that the "Fengjing mother" create brand, to attract more women entrepreneurs to join, so as to better serve the masses, boost Fengjing economic development, both reach the economic benefits and social benefits.

sale, rentouzandong, 12 "Fengjing mothers to participate in the activities brought 5000 yuan worth of prizes, live by the answer given to the participation of the public, many people have to participate in the contest, hot spot. The sale will be "Fengjing mother who brought Ding pork, chicken, duck’s egg, rice, soil new strawberry, crafts and handmade cookies, after the early publicity, many people come in a throng in the booth, the selection of their love products.

it is reported that the "Fengjing Mom" is the local women entrepreneurs quality service platform jointly launched by the civil society organizations Fengjing town women’s Federation, since February this year, has been widely recognized and attention from all sectors of society, successfully helped 20 local women entrepreneurs to expand publicity, broaden the market and actually solves the problems they encounter in the start of the. The 20 mothers, the oldest is after 60, the smallest is 90. They are mainly distributed in agriculture, modern service industry and food processing industry, through the "Fengjing mother" propaganda platform, and their products recommended by the society

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