.cn domain name since January 1st again the lowest price of 69 yuan

according to the "Beijing daily" reported yesterday (5 days) the reporter learned that the China Internet Information Center recently on the domain price again raised the requirements, domain name registration business since January 1st, the price of the new implementation of domain name registration.

reporter yesterday in the domain name registration service provider website to see,.Cn domain name prices have gone up. After adjustment, Chinese civilink ".Cn" domain name registration, the lowest price is only 69 yuan / year, powered the highest price of 120 yuan / year.

is reported that the.Cn domain name price increases, is the second price adjustment since 2007. At the end of 2008,.Cn domain name 1 yuan after the end of the event, the first price increase.

for the price adjustment, China nets and other service providers have expressed support for China Internet information center through price leverage to promote the application of ".Cn" domain name specification, health. Industry analysts believe that the analysis of the domain name, the price increase is intended to match the domain name registration information review mechanism to further combat the occurrence of false information registered domain name phenomenon.

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