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data figure: a game company in Shanghai project team invited female travel research and development to encourage the division, as a male programmer’s double 11 benefits.

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in clearing agency issued photo Beijing, Beijing on 5 July, twenty-first Century (Wu Tao) what is the most expensive talent?! in order to retain talent, many technology companies not only offer high salaries, also introduced all kinds of benefits, such as the recent exposure of the employees of the Tencent "the death benefit", it caused a lot of users attention. The technology companies as well as those alternative welfare?.


data map. China News Agency reporter Zhang Bin photo

employees can receive ten years after the death of family members pay

at the end of June, Tencent pay welfare department assistant general manager of Tencent, Tencent human resources director Fang Huiling said the families of employees can get employees died ten years old salary pay. If the employee has children, there will be an additional increase in the number of each child, each child to increase the monthly salary of 12. Part of it is a payment, because when it comes to misfortune, the family will need to spend money; another part, Tencent will be handled by the trust.

Google also has similar benefits, in October 2013, Google announced that if its employees died unfortunately, the spouse will be able to enjoy half of the death of employees in the next 10 years. In addition, the death of the child’s minor children can receive $1000 per month living expenses until the age of 19, if the full-time school students can receive the age of 23. The benefits are not required by the employee.


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highest 500 thousand yuan purchase interest free loans

in today’s high prices, if companies can help employees solve the problem of buying a house, it is definitely a tool to retain employees". Beijing has learned that many technology companies have implemented the housing plan to help employees buy a house. The ant to Beijing Jin service to provide information on the display: work for two years or more employees to purchase the first suite for 20 million loan.

In fact, prior to

, Alibaba, Tencent and Sogou also opened the home plan, but the specific amount of investment is different, the staff audit conditions are inconsistent. Such as the Tencent announced in 2011 June, invested 1 billion yuan in 3 years, for three years of working staff to provide the first purchase of the first payment of interest free loans, including the north, on the broad, deep first-tier cities over a maximum of 300 thousand yuan, in April 15th this year, this number increased to 500 thousand yuan. Sogou in 2014 also announced an investment of 100 million yuan, started for the internal staff of the housing program".


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provide rent subsidies for employees

compared to the purchase of interest free loans to provide rent subsidies appear >

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