The money Fanghao announced nearly $200 million financing funds and the Japanese Whiz Zhao nvestmen

news November 23rd, money Fanghao nearly won the recently announced the Japanese Private Equity Fund Whiz and Japan’s largest tourist map publisher Zhao Wen 200 million yuan investment agency, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to the three party, the establishment of "money" Japan joint venture company.

joint venture company will be Fanghao nearly under the "money wisdom circle" model to open up the Japanese market below the line, opened a mobile payment service oriented integration of mainland tourists to local businesses, on the other hand, for businesses to provide marketing services based on large data depth. The move is aimed at optimizing the traditional payment environment in Japan, which is currently dominated by paper money, as well as building a deep connection with consumers.


Fanghao is home to pay money in the earliest solutions of five years has been China million line shop to provide safe and convenient payment solutions and services marketing integration. In the wave of mobile payments, money Fanghao nearly launched the "wisdom circle" strategy, namely to office buildings within the district as a unit, to pay for the entrance, through the data of precipitation and analysis, provide marketing services for businesses within the district. It is understood that the CCP model copied and strong, strong vitality, easy to form a benign ecological system within the District, so in a short period of time more than a year, money has nearly Fanghao in more than fifty city laid nearly 600 "wisdom district".

in Li Yinghao view, the development of the world’s leading China Mobile to pay three to five years, Hongkong and Japan, only the first step in the money side of overseas strategy. The money Fanghao near the global mobile payment and saw behind the wave of consumption upgrading, and are full of confidence. After all, in this age, position and timing is important.

Whiz formerly known as the Japanese venture capital CSK Capital, founded in 1991, a total investment of more than 200 companies, including the game giant SEGA (Shi Jia) (Venture).

was founded in 1960 Zhao literary society is a well-known Japanese listed company, with 50 years of accumulation in the travel guide and clean map areas, the current reserves of 1 million POI (Point of Information, namely information points) and more than 90 thousand restaurants, tourism, leisure and entertainment information, in recent years to build O2O business. Japanese O2O market potential is very great, but at this stage is still a lack of effective leverage. The money Fanghao near the District of wisdom "is likely to become the lever.

for this cooperation, investment Whiz, money Fanghao in recent years in the financial services and technology in the field of SaaS products and solutions, including a mature operating system to help consumers in Japan, consumption patterns, payment environment into the new force, even can move the entire market is very optimistic about the money side: "the Japanese model, I believe not only have an impact on the local consumption pattern for us to promote the rest of Asia is also very beneficial." But the agency said: "Zhao Zhao Wen she operated for more than half a century, it is time for our businesses and the accumulated information in.

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