People from the media about the ghost feet seven monks, who worship religious people nternet circle

today, people from the media in the Mount Wutai seven foot tonsure..

ghost foot seven gradient place, was built in the Tang Dynasty Millennium Temple Mount Wutai Buddhist temple spirit, "imagination", @ Jiacuo Buddha – loving fund personally for the tonsure.



ghost foot seven in micro-blog said "hush hush, also let people monk"..

since 2013 began to do since the media, ghost feet seven has become a well-known electricity supplier since the media V. Do electricity supplier recruitment, but also out of the new book. Prior to the media as the focus of resignation from the position of technical director of Alibaba.

"life seems to have a rope, leading everyone to go there. We become disgusted, become one side, side to side, disgust. Form a knot." He said, "don’t think about life". Thinking you might be disillusioned.

from the media, the most common thinking is life, ghost feet seven is not the first to see through life from the media people.

12 years since the media who released Cheng Lingfeng micro-blog said to concentrate on leaving town in the south from the media. However, a small town in the South during the Cheng Ling Feng also in practice by.

["Bigu" from Taoism in "do not eat grains, is a commonly used regimen of the ancients. It originated from the pre Qin, popular in the Tang Dynasty, also known as valley, valley, the valley, the grain, but grain, grain, etc.. The earliest records from "by Chuang-tzu · carefree": "despise hakaya mountain, habitat God yan. If the skin of snow, slush around as a virgin, do not eat grains, smoking and drinking dew wind, by clouds, imperial dragon, but travel outside the peaceful seas… "… as a longevity health law would also recorded in many ancient texts. [


Cheng Lingfeng in "my fathers with fate" mentioned this experience he Bigu:

[i.e., in the teacher support, stop eating food, only to get energy from water, air, sunshine, let the body rest. The body is the most intelligent, instinct is the strongest, as long as they do not give additional burden, they will be the most effective recovery. This is the best treatment for the sub-health of modern people. I also tried again 7 days would be feeling.

, for example, the understanding of "refined, gas, God". Fasting in the first few days, feeling tired, walking, hands are hard to speak, but also good, sober, as usual. This is the "fine" level, that is, the surface energy began to decay. After two days, not only weak, even if do not want to say, just say a few words, voice in the chest round, without sinking. This is the "gas" level. After two days, began to daze, thinking is not agile, like lying in bed. This is the "God" level. In turn, the process of recovery is gradually from the inside out. [

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