Taobao sellers in front of the Ali Co to protest the police sent out a few of them




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December 17th news, today there are several Taobao sellers in the rain in Hangzhou Ali Co in front of protest, false trading remediation against Ali from the beginning of December "special action". But the police quickly rushed to the scene, and took some of them.

scene was filmed video shows that protesters claim to see ma. SWAT after the capture of the protesters banners, and forced several of them into the police car.

December 3rd, Taobao launched a large-scale strict rectification of false trading action". Forced to remove a lot of Taobao store goods, the implementation of a two penalty policy, while the seller does not make a commitment to lead the complaint. This quickly aroused many "foreign products" small sellers dissatisfaction, and through the QT voice group gathered to establish "network alliance" entrepreneurs counterattack.

day, starry, UNIQLO, Luxuries delivery and a number of well-known Tmall big sellers suddenly by thousands of small sellers attack Taobao, its main approach is the big seller selling merchandise malicious photographed, and attack the shops through train advertising.


in three days after the incident, by micro-blog to make a formal response, optimization of the appeals process and the extension of the term of appeal. On the other hand also stressed the need to resolutely clear the credibility of speculation behavior.

a few days later, the war between small sellers and Taobao constantly.

Taobao small seller then proposed eight armistice conditions, Ali did not give a response, but claimed to be able to refer to the previous official position. Today’s small sellers to protest, this event is the following.

we will continue to focus on the development of the situation.

eight conditions are:

1, the restoration of all mistaken for false trading treasure, and restore the weight, releasing misjudgment of the C shop;

2 Tmall Taobao, demanding a thorough investigation of false trading, to achieve fair and reasonable;

3, requires the separation of BC stores, termination of Tmall Taobao C store traffic;

4, businesses all irregularities, Taobao must first proof, and then punished!

5, Taobao change rules must be adopted by the Taobao sellers association to vote;

6, requires Tmall to restore the poor evaluation mechanism, or cancel the poor evaluation mechanism in Taobao, Ali to achieve a reasonable platform for entrepreneurship spirit;

7, the requirements of Ali’s official activities must be fair and consistent treatment of Tmall mall and Taobao C shop;

8, Ali Group requested a public apology for the incident.

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