Poor students do website from 42 yuan to one million profit


network, Hangzhou Xiasha hardly unknown, the daily traffic reached 150 thousand passengers. He was born in 1983, a young man named Shang Zhentao. Today, he is the director of Hangzhou Yi Sha Network Technology Co., ltd.. So young, is a capable


2001, Shang Zhentao and his brother admitted to the university. Because his family was poor, he only took a train ticket and 42 yuan from Hubei, Guangshui to the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University marketing professional school.

for the first time on the computer class, he did not know how to boot, it was the first time he touched the computer. "You can not open the computer ah?. The students asked, let him hit. Since then, with the help of the master, he quickly immersed in the computer world, almost every day in their own bubble in the computer room.

sophomore, he is very proficient in computers.

in the summer of 2003, he and a classmate got a chance to practice. "We are a company who heard what there Xiasha, do ask Xiasha ah, the place is desolate! I thought at that time, the comprehensive information carrier Xiasha within this area lacks a relevant University City, industrial park, house etc.." Shang Zhentao said, "at that time, only one is Hangzhou Xiasha economic and Technological Development Zone website, but awareness is not high, many people do not know."

internship at idle boring, he and his classmates decided to find a way to do the site, test their computer skills. So, he and his classmates scrape together 200 yuan, bought the space and domain name, opened the www.xiashanet.com website. "When the website is very simple, we put the official online stuff, and then opened several forums."

"not long after I came back to school, I found a lot of people on this site. More and more people come here." Shang Zhentao said, "then we came to understand, the original students’ Sandy ‘word, search page only shows us this website, so click rate is particularly high."

"through this site, I met a group of partners, with the formation of the Xiasha network studio." Before long, Hangzhou city has a company to find Shang Zhentao, willing to cooperate to engage in the site. Capital and equipment…… All of a sudden.

good times don’t last long, site less than half, the state started to clean up and rectify the internet. Xiasha net investment company was forced to close, divestment and withdrawal of the server.

"on that day, downhearted, pain." Five or six people together to do all their sanhuo, return to calm. A pile of equipment was there, and Shang Zhentao was too weak to pick up.

winter vacation back. "I asked myself if I should go on. Asked the partners, there are two people willing to go on. One of the family is a little better than a student, will be 10 thousand yuan tuition to get out of the pad, we will use the money to buy a server. "Xiasha net" re opened."


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