Lotour travel network accused of violence layoffs management and employees each one sticks to his ar

recently, all sorts of negative public opinion network is from micro-blog and Lotour Tourism Forum has pushed in the teeth of the storm. The 8 years of hard work in the Internet company accused of violent layoffs, the size of the team cut from the previous more than and 200 to more than 100 people. Whether the management of employee layoffs, and each one sticks to his argument.

In an interview with DoNews

, Lotto tourism network president Yan Shiyu said firmly, Lotour travel did not implement the layoffs, also did not like that give employees online crazy pass two choices: first, now only wages, signed the automatic separation agreement, leave immediately; second if the compensation, no salary of this month leave immediately.

only employees claimed that the situation and the fact that the on-line description of the line, the company does require employees to sign a contract, the contract stated on the company short-term cash flow gap, we need to resign, but did not mention compensation.


Lotour burst was given two

boss layoffs

June 18th, the netizen said micro-blog broke the news, Lotour travel began massive layoffs in 14 this month, a team of less than 300 people cut to more than and 100 people, the president personally presided over the layoffs matters, and that only to be cut two options: first, now only wages, automatically signed separation agreement, leave immediately. Second if you want to pay compensation, do not send this month wages, leave immediately.

in the process of Lotto tourism network editing, products, technology, personnel administration, financial forum and other departments have been laid off, only the sales department as a key reserve object.

Lotto president Yan Shiyu denied layoffs

In an interview with DoNews

, Lotour travel president Yan emphasized rain two points: first, redundancy is not Lotto action, did not perform layoffs; secondly, did not like the Post said the employees are given two choices, irresponsible this argument.

" in fact, the Internet in this circle is not possible to do this, we say, more powerful companies can not do so, but you can imagine as online communication, including burst foul language, this situation will never see this is like now. "

" we saw the news in the first time, do not bother, mainly we see clearly, the original information is very limited, may be one or two ID, more are caused by micro-blog’s forwarding comments, we think this is an individual behavior, so we do not have to take measures to clarify, because this thing, if possible to clarify itself will bring more speculation. "

Will the rain Yan

" " due to baseless slanders; close to half of the year.

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