Gong Haiyan down the ladder contraction and then set sail back to 91 foreign teachers

review: the evening of September 12th, Gong Haiyan placed such a micro-blog in your micro-blog certification. Obviously, she intends to turn off the ladder network and the good network, back to the origin of the 91 foreign teachers. In the field of online education, which is not the same as the two projects, ladder network is a platform for teaching resources, and 91 foreign teachers is an online spoken English training institutions. Two venture Gong Haiyan opted for online education, have hand Jiayuan business will be brought to the United States listed her, can not rely on the 91 teacher network hit a nice turnaround



people are wiping tears. It was in September 12th of this year, the teacher after second days.

September 10th evening, Miao Qiang suddenly received a message from the boss Gong Haiyan. In the letter, Gong Haiyan said he was "two pioneering aggressive too optimistic, front too, spent a few months ago that the company financing, has been using their own funds to support the company operation". "I think we should shrink the front and focus on projects that are possible……"

next, more information about the failure of Gong Haiyan venture from Sina micro-blog and personal circle of friends issued. Turn a circle back to the origin, decided to focus on 91 foreign teachers……"

for a time, the news of the venture entrepreneur Gong Haiyan two venture quickly spread, and some even regard it as an online education bubble burst.

Miao Qiang was shocked. As the director of the ladder network channel, he shut down the action of Gong Haiyan did not have a premonition. "We are fighting in the front, behind the surrender." Miao Qiang told reporters. Soon, as he did in the outside sales, marketing channels are fried, they rushed back to Beijing with the fastest speed to discuss countermeasures.

September 12th, Miao Qiang Zhu Yong, vice president of the channel and some district manager in trade office building, seven or eight people together to draw up a ladder to the national network 240 owners of the letter and signed it, said to help owners rights, try to help the webmaster for compensation out of pocket expenses, put into publicity channel fee.

however, let Miao Qiang and other people’s worry is that, Gong Haiyan has not appeared again. Some impatient local owners to call Gong Haiyan, is off.

high-profile two venture

time to return to the end of August, in a Changsha star hotel, Miao Qiang where the channel team together for the ladder network held a grand and lively Changsha meeting. The meeting altogether from the national invited 240 local webmaster, many people recognized the ladder network and well network pattern, join as the agent, waiting for the new semester after a big.

if it is not a sudden closure of the ladder network, the Changsha meeting may become a ladder ladder in the history of the development of an important network of agents. It will bring craves income to the ladder network, Miao Qiang estimated at least two million yuan of revenue, more than 91 foreign teachers "strong.

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