LETV millet from futures to spot, who in the face of hunger marketing

A few days ago,

919 fans Festival excitement has not been, and today LETV held in Hongkong on the third generation of super TV conference, announced in September 29th, over 3 full line (Max65/X55 Pro/X55/X50/X43/X40) in China mainland music as mall and LePar synchronous starting. 919 music as the day is given a beautiful report card, such as total ecological total sales exceeded 1 billion 700 million yuan, the total sales exceeded the total number of mobile phones and so on, but also accidentally created a number of records. More noteworthy is that, behind all the glory of music changed from futures to spot, the original "limited" "limited" sale to the present main product line spot supply, then contact before the film "hunger marketing millet, apple and even Zhou Hongyi’s God now have begun to do the spot supply. Such a huge change is because the original test accurate futures marketing sudden failure or hunger marketing really to the inflection point, in the end who is in the face of hunger marketing?

deep grilled "hunger marketing" sequence of events

since the millet, Chinese consumers began to have a deeper cognition of futures, and foreign apple is opened, the music was also a brilliant futures marketing, and tested. They almost invariably take fixed steps, such as:

the first step: to create points of interest, causing concern to users. Such as "free", "gift", "low" "limited" "first" and so on.

second step: multi dimensional exposure, the establishment of demand. By the early publicity, such as spy, star exposure, black technology and so on, said the product advantage…

third step: create suspense, establish the desired value. Engage in a grand conference, showing a variety of cool hanging fried days and allocation of new skills, to stimulate interest in the proposed commitment, also do not provide spot.

fourth step: the establishment of purchase conditions, limited sale. Advance booking or membership, open VIP member channels, such as the continuous manufacture of explosive scene, causing the next wave of users while also deliberately deliberately sought to meet…

such a few steps down, the value of hunger marketing is obvious, such as: 1, increase the topic, attract a lot of eyeballs through cost-effective, get focused exposure. 2, a small range of inspection quality. Through a small amount of goods can be timely inspection of the mobile phone futures yield, to avoid a wide range of possible quality problems, thereby saving costs. 3, the local trial and error, reduce market risk. Because it is a small amount of cash supply, manufacturers can quickly adjust the improvement according to the market reaction, thereby reducing the cost of trial and error and market risk.

looked, China’s mobile phone market in the hunger marketing is the essence of the market is expected to control the user occupied the market penetration. They usually enter the market at a relatively low price, the purpose is to accelerate market growth in the short term, at the expense of high margin in order to obtain a higher sales volume and market share, resulting in significant cost economic benefit, so that >

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