YAHOO optimization tool Yahoo! Site Explorer will officially shut down during the year

YAHOO’s SEO optimization tool Yahoo! Site Explorer destiny has recently had the exact news, according to Yahoo! Search official blog confirmed, Yahoo! Site Explorer will be closed by the end of the year at the latest.

YAHOO said that the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Mexico YAHOO search backend has been entirely driven by the Microsoft search platform, according to the plan, will be completed during the world market transfer. By then, Yahoo! Site Explorer content will be replaced by the Bing Webmaster Center to site management and data analysis.

Bing Webmaster Center team in the past few months has been actively adding new features, including detailed traffic statistics and new inbound links, Microsoft is also committed to build the analysis report, including the use of YAHOO search, further details of these reports will soon expose.

YAHOO also answered some of the issues of concern to users:

1, Yahoo! Site Explorer will be closed when?

our search results are fully over the Microsoft search platform, once all the market to complete the transfer, Site Explorer will be closed. It is expected to be completed later this year. You can focus on Yahoo! Search official blog, to keep abreast of the latest developments.

2, should I start using Bing Webmaster Center?

yes, webmasters should start using Bing Webmaster Center.

3, does this mean that I should stop using Site Explorer?

no, a large part of the world, we have not transferred to Microsoft search platform. Moreover, Site Explorer did not stop accepting sites and site maps, in the absence of transfer of the market, the results of YAHOO search is still fresh. We encourage you to continue using Site Explorer until we completely switch to Microsoft’s search platform.

4, does this mean that in the future we can not be optimized for YAHOO and Bing search engine


that’s right. We expect that later this year, YAHOO search results around the world will be driven by Microsoft search platform. After this, any optimization you make in Bing Webmaster Center will be reflected in the YAHOO organic search results.

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