Scam secret the network pop-up window, earned 300 days, the results were deceived by the 180 thousan

in late April this year, Fuzhou City, the town of Feng County, opened the Taobao shop Ms. Jiang, attracted by a piece of information on the. Ms. Jiang said, it seems that the day to earn 100 to 300 (yuan), plus a group, I’ll try to hold the attitude, with QQ added into the.

joined the name of the Sino foreign joint venture after the chat group, a group of managers linked to Ms. Jiang, and let her register a lottery lottery website. In a continuous watch 5 lottery, Ms. Jiang was found to predict the winning numbers and the constant color website numbers are basically the same. So, Ms. Jiang tempted, then try to bet on, and enter the cash to the account designated by the site.

victim recalls: just let me invest 500, earn a little more than a little bit, behind him let me invest more, I followed him step by step with him.

after the loss of the first to increase the loss of more money more

tasted the sweetness of Ms. Jiang, according to the special number provided by the other QQ double investment. After a few bets, Ms. Jiang found themselves losing money, the vast majority of cases, she quickly asked the other customer service on QQ, the other answer is: a web application a little mistake, this mistake, the next issue will certainly be the investment, more and more promising in the award. In addition, he also suggested Ms. Jiang gather 100 thousand yuan of investment. In this way, Ms. Jiang invested 180 thousand yuan before and after continuous, but still in the loss of money. At this time, Ms. Jiang was then to Fuzhou Lichuan as if wakening from a dream, the police for help.

suspect website platform to build a small ad

police found that the suspect concentrated in the vicinity of Hainan City, Qionghai. In May 9th, in cooperation with local police, Fuzhou, Lichuan police soon found the suspect settled rental. Police seized the crime on the spot with 24 computers, routers and credit cards, arrested Jo, Wei and other members of the gang of 9.

Weimou 9 suspects are from Hainan city of Qionghai Province, the original, among them Jo, found Ryu, build a man named Wan Jubilee website platform, and then find Weimou et al, published on the web around a small ad, called staff into the group.

the police solve the case: the main group with these small QQ, is actually a person, they released a lot of shots and winning after winning information on the inside, the temptation is to promote closer to the group of people, so they believe, can really buy this color money.

to give the victim the sweetness of the proposed increase in investment

suspects provided Wan Jubilee site constant color, is divided into points, angle, Yuan three kinds of betting patterns. On this smaller sub angular mode, the victim will earn a little small. Point taste the sweetness of the victim, the suspect would advise them to enter to win larger "Yuan" mode, and increase investment. In this model, most of the victims lost. When the victim to find a group of managers asked, the next group of managers to do is psychological tactics. >

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