Baidu Post Bar event, we listen to Baidu post bar is how to respond to the person in charge

from January 11th to date, Baidu Post Bar event continues to ferment, from the financial media to the social media, are fiercely criticized Baidu. And Baidu in addition to its CEO Robin Li in a forum on January 18th, a brief reference, we will be very deep reflection, no one publicly responded to the matter.

January 19th, finance reporter exclusive interview with Baidu vice president, deputy general manager of the mobile services business group, Lu Fubin, he is also the general manager of the post bar, paste the product directly responsible person. Lu Fubin told the "financial" reporters stressed: the Post Bar event, Baidu must be a profound reflection on the Post Bar partner system. This is his first statement after the incident.

interview around the following questions: 1, post bar for Baidu in the end what does it mean, the next step, and then paste the commercialization of the process and how it is, 3, the vicious incident is accidental or inevitable?


Lu Fubin said that in revenue, post bar contribution to Baidu basically negligible". Post bar is not excessive commercialization, but almost no commercialization. This is a problem, made the error of judgment in the supervision system, for medical diseases, the use of routine business criteria, the most important criteria in this field should not be active, but should be fair and public information.

"finance": Baidu Post Bar commercialization is what started?

Lu Fubin: Post Bar has important strategic significance for Baidu. Post Bar course can be divided into three stages: the first stage is from 2003 to 2008, Chinese little early Internet content, through Post Bar generated content, thereby increasing the breadth and viscous search, the typical case is the rise of super girl.; the second stage is 2008 to 2012, a large number of small tail, Post Bar, Post Bar first real in a community form; the third stage of the Post Bar fans economy stage. By sticking to the fans on the operation, you can gain influence, revenue and other aspects of culture, public welfare, consumption, etc.. At present, it is in the initial stage of the third stage.

stick since the birth of the first 12 years there is no profit, no commercialization, has been at a loss. 2015 is the first year of commercialization. At the end of the third quarter of 2014, the first time we met to consider exploring Post Bar business, by the end of 2014 began to build a team, we established two commercial team – user business team and enterprise business team. It was not until 2015 that it was really commercialized.

Baidu has more than 19 million post bar, we are only one of the commercial paste it in about 1/10000, about two thousand. In the entire field of health care, there are more than 100 thousand post bar, of which only about fifty or sixty post bar was commercialized. At the same time, the background data show that all the introduction of commercial cooperation stick user activity has reached more than 2 times the previous.

I don’t want to talk about commercialization, but more accurately, the establishment of the economic system. Stick like a

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