After the first statement Betta collective job, no arrears of wages as the anchor for the family.

the birth of a new industry, it is inevitable that legitimate or unfair competition exists, this is the natural norm. However, the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius "bad as his wife and children, is the moral bottom line, once touched, will set off a greater reign of terror.

day before the two game between the domestic broadcast platform launched a similar scene, after finding evidence in exposing the Dragon Betta deliberately discredit behavior, the latter began to spearhead the betta’s anchor, and hire a large army of malicious slander, attack anchor, so Betta official statement said it has mastered a lot, the evidence, if the organization does not stop the bad behavior, through legal means to safeguard their rights. And said it would make every effort to protect the legitimate rights of the company and its anchor from infringement.


at the same time, micro-blog also launched the official Betta "Guardian", the platform’s anchor Betta live as a family, given the most warm protection: to discredit, slander is your choice, attention, my attitude is indisputable; you should adhere to the law of the jungle, I Losers are always in the wrong., content is king, popular the world; your idea is to attack, my belief is the guardian; your attack suspira, I frequently stab in the back with all his strength, the guardian anchor family you don’t care enough; you do not comply with industry rules, laws and regulations, I will keep telling you, whenever you can’t violate my family.


"Guardian" once launched, causing warm trend, the betta live platform’s anchor and game circle, Nada, astrotech fall Master Haitao et al have been forwarded, expressed "hope healthy competition", "heart support", "very comfortable"……


before the "Guardian" launched, the platform was facing the betta live malicious attacks, the gaming game, Q Edwards, anchor cold seven master, leaves, and KIKI et al have micro-blog voice strong milk confirmed Betta live platform has never defaulted on their wages, and switched to deliberately discredit the old club’s anchor said the indignant.

seven master: "I think even if I was a network anchor, I also know that the basic integrity of life, although the network is virtual, we just meet by chance, you also want to play their own audience, stepped back and slander will only let you become a Low force, you are free, you there is a better choice, we are very happy, but do not slander, mutual respect, so as to afford to love your audience."


coldly: "recently seemed to be pushed to the betta platform in the teeth of the storm, I live in paradise is also quite a long time, what also didn’t pay arrears, encounter problems, will also actively cooperate to solve the macropodus. Why does everyone want to demonize them ah, the feeling is a simple and honest Betta big brother." >

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