The new regulations say that soft must be marked advertisement scripts need to change the way

Abstract: the "Interim Measures" of the Internet advertising management in this way, I really can not imagine the super high valuation of the contents of entrepreneurs, from the media, network, and "red Joker", "Gu Ye", "Amy Mongolia" in the future, estimates marked "advertisement" in front of the painting will be swept the circle of friends (visual style a little twitch), "viral soft" routine to death.


hey, I do not know whether you still remember the "Wei Zexi incident"? But, I would like to say is the worship of Internet users, the fiery discussion of the interim measures really came. It is understood that from September 1st onwards, by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising will begin to implement.

Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising is what kind of approach


first talk about this is what kind of "way" (already know friends please quickly brush to the top second). First of all, this approach is to define the Internet advertising, as well as the difference between the commercial display of information, and clear the sale of goods or services paid search belongs to the category of commercial advertising. It clearly stipulates that all the Internet (including portals, e-commerce platform, search engines, forums, from the media, blog, micro-blog, WeChat, etc.. In a word, that can be any single or combination of Internet resources, Internet web sites, mobile phone APP, computer applications, mobile Internet applications in Internet advertising media, including email), text, images, audio, video or other forms, directly or indirectly sell goods or services the commercial advertisement (note, push each other too, advertising) are marked "advertisement" of the word, if not marked, that is "illegal", the consequences will be grievous;

secondly, paid search advertising should be significantly different from the natural search results. In the Internet page to pop up in the form of advertising, should also be marked off the mark, and to ensure that a key off. Do not deceive the user to click on advertising content, etc.;

again, for the characteristics of Internet advertising, clear the jurisdiction of the advertising regulatory authority. Advertisers to expand the scope of natural person, including network reds, V media, publishing illegal advertisements will also bear the corresponding liability of the illegal in the circle of friends. Once the public circle of friends found illegal advertising, you can save the contents of the screenshot, and then to the industry and commerce, market regulators report.

in particular all electricity providers, Internet start-up companies, since the media (it is said that each of the 7 WeChat has 1 large electricity supplier) (assuming you have the right to send advertising copywriter who) on the limit terms of punishment have changed to retreat one lose three penalty two hundred thousand yuan! Moreover, the limit term including but not limited to commodity goods list page, title, subtitle, the main map and details page, packaging etc.. For the limits of the shop, once found illegal shops will be given

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