Happy to break the silence of the network formally sued thousands of oaks unfair competition

May 20th morning news, the long silence of the happy network kaixin001.com officially filed a lawsuit to the court, sued by the industry dubbed the copycat version of happy net kaixin.com holds unfair competition square Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks required to stop using the approximate site name, and a public apology, the Beijing second intermediate people’s court has formally accepted the case.

sina science and technology from the Beijing second intermediate people’s court was informed that the court has formally accepted the case. It is understood that the happy net in the complaint for 1000 oak disuse "happy net name" and "happy net" approximate as the site name, and a public apology. The move was seen as the industry happy network domain name dispute official comeback.

March 2008 happy company founded happy network, the network domain name is kaixin001.com. Happy network to a unique marketing and products to become a dark horse in the Internet industry, China’s most rapidly becoming the focus of social networking sites. Insiders revealed that in September 2008, thousands of oaks have been happy to raise money for the acquisition requirements, but was rejected. October 2008 Thousand Oaks purchased kaixin.com domain name, and opened the same name as happy web site.

according to sources, happy net said in the complaint, thousand oaks in the name of the website, the domain name of the website, the main part of the service function, service object, service content and happy net is basically the same, but the design style of their home and happy net is very similar, this kind of approach has constituted unfair competition.

sina science and technology subsequently contact happy network, the relevant person in charge said it would not comment, Thousand Oaks public relations department also said it would not respond. There are lawyers to sina science and technology, said many users and users of thousands of Oaks as some of the marketing practices are happy network, and indeed the legitimate rights and interests of happy network damage.

recently to kaixin.com promotion means has caused many users dissatisfied users of violations of user privacy, spam problems in the promotion process of a large number of complaints. But happy network company has been to keep the behavior of thousands of oak does not comment. There are close to happy net sources, Thousand Oaks netizen behavior leads to false ones, leading to happy net sustained economic and reputation losses, forcing the happy net to solve the problem through legal means.

industry insiders believe that the genuine happy net dispute has been the focus of the industry, the happy net action will cause a new round of changes in the pattern of SNS, will also produce a reference to Internet industry competition.

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