Alipay has launched the toll station 1800 yuan from foreign households

recently, consumers have to reflect the station network, Alipay has started charging, there are two kinds of current charging methods, one is to stand outside businesses, if there are other sites to use Alipay charges, must first pay the minimum 1800 yuan fee to Alipay, then Alipay will open 180 thousand yuan fee, after the total amount of consumption a total of more than 180 thousand needs to be paid, in order to ensure the normal use of Alipay platform.

and another form is open to the public in December 25, 2008, marked on Alipay’s pricing rules, for non certified accounts, the account to complete the "transaction flow" in RMB 500 yuan (Wu Bai) (including the number, the same below), does not need to pay the service fee to the company to complete the "; a total of more than 500 yuan trading volume" (Wu Bai) yuan (excluding the number), according to the amount of excess 1.5% paid to the company, and to each transaction must pay the service fee for a minimum of RMB yuan, up to one hundred yuan. The rules of the sixth paragraph of this article shall apply at the beginning of the date of completion of the certification. The service fee paid before the completion of the certification will not be refunded after the completion of the certification.

reporter before a toll asked Alipay PR person in charge of Chen Liang, he said that the $1800 fee is real, but not a step closer to providing more relevant charges, and said that the reason for Taobao to pay the expenses of the business without reason is that Taobao is to help businesses to pay the fee, from the company point of view, in fact, Taobao Alipay’s customers.

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