Discussion on the web site link standard

1, the query site is included in the search engine, Baidu input site: URL such as: site:www.hchr.net

included too few pages do not change, if the case is rare to see a snapshot of the collected pages is not the most recent high weight site snapshots are updated every day. Baidu included 1 pages, Google included a lot of the same do not change.

2, the home page of the site, site site home page is not the first page is not changed, this is likely to be down right.

3, query website PR. PR> =1 switch to http://s.flashplayer.cn/webmaster-toolbox/ download check PR and the amount of software

4, query site snapshot information to Baidu snapshot based snapshot date to keep within three days.

5, check the content of the site is legal health, Liuhe color and some illegal sites do not consider, the site does not update the content of the site does not update information.

6, website of the outbound links, if there are too many outbound links do not consider the link exchange, because too many outbound links will take the weight of the website are scattered you will get a few of them, outbound links is best kept at less than 40, 30 less than the best, beyond the scope of the page links will be assigned to the little weight.

7, if it is a new industry class regular site, there is no PR, but in line with the conditions of 1,3,4,5,6, but the content of the site can be updated every day to consider the exchange link.

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