WeChat how to guide the attention of fans

WeChat fans, this is a more sensitive issue for us, we all know that the fans are very important for us, but we are very difficult to do the fans guide. We will find that there are a lot of ways to guide the fans, but not every method is suitable for us, this may be suitable for you, but for others, your method is not suitable for him. In my opinion, we guide the fans to focus on one of the most critical is the most basic content of our guide.

said that the contents of the guide, some people may say that this is what can guide the fans to pay attention to it, but I can tell you that our content guide is mainly the following:

first: boot

at the beginning of the article

at the beginning of our content to guide, this is very important for us, because when we read the contents of our fans, after the first click go to see is our guide. Whether our fans can read completely in our guide, we guide the good, so fans may take us through all of the content, otherwise it is not at all, only a cursory glance at, impossible to form forwarding.

we start with the following:

1 top boot

The top of the

guide is to guide our fans attention, this is our own number inside fans forwarding content after his friend saw the attention, we can be worthy of recognition, there are still a large part of the people do not know how to pay attention to our public number, so that to guide our readers Click on the blue font also is our public concern at the top of our name.

2 warm tips

we now feel more pit is the three operators, traffic for us to burn too quickly, if our content is video content or a large number of images, so we have to be a reminder, suggesting that the reader is best viewed in wifi. If we have no message, after so many readers click go to see, find yourself a lot less traffic or calls it, then it is certainly some people will complain about you at the beginning, so we need to put the contents of the reminder to do.

3 articles about content

we often need a reminder in the bottom line of a content can be summed up, so that we can attract the readers to read all of our content may be the front part of everyone looked very boring, no interest, but the climax is often behind, so we need to guide this to us the contents of all finished, it was possible to form a new growth and forwarding fans.

second: the contents of the boot

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