To expose the truth about the market Adult supplies electricity supplier billion times



not on the table, Adult supplies the entrepreneurial passion often sneak in the low-key. However, just hit the need, the outside world on the adult goods market data and rumors are confusing the line of sight.

what this secret industry does not know how many outside the truth? Why wild rumors rampant, but no one is willing to break the silence? And now involved in the electricity supplier in the field of Adult supplies and traditional

operation?Following the "

Adult supplies electricity supplier in the climbing period: the lack of standard promotion without the door" report, Taobao invited a well-known billion state power network Adult supplies sellers, unveiled the real Taobao Adult supplies market.

The market about 100 times

120 billion

: I heard that the state power grid Adult supplies electricity supplier has many tricky


Taobao: not what the seller not tricky tricky argument, only that data is not reliable, and a lot of people. For example, the market to sell 1 billion, the media reported that there are data in 2011 (domestic retail sales of domestic products in the industry) in, more than 100 times.

billion state power network: the real situation is like? This is the 1 billion line added together, or pure online


Taobao sellers: roughly 1 billion 200 million of the total sales of adult toys in the country. Adult products also include condoms, sexy underwear, etc.. More than the share of the next line of condoms, but a total of more than and 20 billion market.

in addition, sexy lingerie can not simply count us (adult products) industry, the general underwear sexy also count, basically only online with the sale, can sell a few money?


billion state power network: what data is not true?

Taobao sellers: some research findings that the shop has 20, accounting for 60% of the total, in fact, a total of only Taobao sellers, which is not really in the business of the 30 thousand.

billion state power network: the market why spread these false statistics? What is the statistical and


sellers: these people are money, estimated at an institution that online download. That’s a little bit of a brain. You know Durex only sold hundreds of millions of pounds, which is currently the largest condom market biggest brand.

billion state power network: adult toys and condoms, this calculation, the real market is roughly three billion in


Taobao: the seller has 20 to 3 billion condoms domestic space, Durex the largest share of sales last year, is 760 million; adult toys billions of lingerie online transactions; there are 2 to 3 hundred million, most do not add up to 5 billion.

Taobao is a market bargain independent B2C declining

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