A cruel dispatch net ticket agents run away public security organs involved in the investigation

"eleven" golden week for online travel sites to earn pours, but the vertical search engine for a partner network of cruel dispatch travel problems and headache. Yesterday, more than pay for tickets but can not sit the plane consumers spontaneously established a QQ group, hope to get treatment as soon as possible.

paid the money but can not sit the plane

more than consumers in the Cool News Network (micro-blog) to search for a "Jingdong" of airline ticket net ticket agent and paid on the Internet, received the ticket information, but when these consumers panting came to the airport, but by the airlines told the ticket canceled.

reporter to enter the spontaneous establishment of these consumers, known as the Jingdong ticket network victims QQ group, as of press time, the members of the group has nearly 54 people.

group members are in the group forum registration information encounter, the reporter saw, the netizen through cruel dispatch in the "Jingdong ticket network" on the order of two October 7th from Urumqi to Beijing flights, a total payment of 3982 yuan, but at the airport told the ticket has been returned, when the field had to spend 5200 yuan to buy the ticket.

these consumers through the customer service or micro-blog has been linked to beijing.

in response to

ticket on behalf of illegal operation refund

yesterday, reporters learned from the cool news, find the above question, cruel dispatch staff came to business "Jingdong" of airline ticket net company — Beijing highhui longfu Aviation Service Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing city of Haidian District office, but found empty, the responsible person has not contact.

reporter access to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce website found the company registered files, the company was founded in 2005, the current operating status is "opened". At the same time, the reporter also saw in the China Air Transport Association, the company passed the agency’s sales agent qualification review.

kuxun said that this incident belongs to this age illegal operation. With the money to buy the ticket, agent without passengers agreed to do the refund, put the money back to the airline ticket, tickets and did not return the money to the consumer. This small ticket generation with cool – two years of history, good performance, the main source for airline tickets and large OTA ctrip.

yesterday, consumers and kuxun aspects of this issue have been reported, the afternoon, the public security organs have been involved in investigating the matter.

payment scheme is still not clear

as of this writing, has not given a clear kuxun compensation scheme, the responsible person was at a meeting of".

Beijing official online ticket 100% security system described: "the domestic air tickets booking, ticket payment after the success of the suppliers, the full amount of ticket, and most again pay 500 yuan." No >

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