Under the secret YY to keep up with the launch of anonymous social applications private circle

[Abstract] the user of the right of privacy is characterized by a young, relatively well educated, energetic, and like new things, because the property is more serious, the lack of traditional social skills.


Tencent Francisco May 13th message, many years of dedicated game to play the game network has launched a low-key China version of secret: "private circle", has shelves in the Android market.

private circle flagship semi human social


Similar to

and Secret product ideas, after the mobile phone number registered user login that can publish information anonymously, at the same time, if there are more than 3 mail list contacts in the use of the software, users can unlock check his mobile phone contacts (or two degrees relationship: Friends of friends) published information and anonymous comments as: mobile phone contact this chain unlimited proliferation and has a ripple effect, private lap pool information will be unlimited expansion.

in the form of information flow, private circle with micro-blog is very similar, but the private circle of social acquaintances, users must use the mobile phone number registered information source based on mobile phone mail list, to the user, he saw the scope of information is relatively small, can not form a stranger harassment on it, this avoids the proliferation of marketing.

user base into the cornerstone of social networking

as a traditional PC game portal has a large user base, is the basis of the YY cross-border anonymous social applications.

gathering Time Inc’s internal sources, in private circles to promote the first users to play the game, game player groups occupy a considerable proportion.


science and technology knowledge, characteristics of this part of the user is young, with good education, full of go, love new things, because the heavier house property, so in the traditional social aspects of the lack of.

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