Talking about the marketing personnel must have the conditions

from all walks of life in addition to the products and services, the most important is the need to have their own marketing advantage, so as to open a broader market space, which the most important is the medium of marketing and business personnel, here can be engaged in e-commerce can also be a pure market department staff, business personnel and the most important it is for the company’s customers, and complete the enterprise issued indicators, this point is an important embodiment of business personnel, to achieve this result to marketing and business personnel have certain customers and development ability, the details are as follows:

first, learn to develop potential customers

any companies know that only large customer resources is the fundamental business survival, and marketing and business personnel need to do business is looking to bring Everfount customers for the enterprise through a series of marketing planning and market, and constantly open up the market channels to expand brand share. The hands of the general business people have more customers do business will be more solid foundation. An enterprise to survive and development, rely on the brand service and business personnel Everfount selling products, but the general business needs and learn to develop their own customer groups, understand and develop their potential customers, and the general clerk often there are three errors need to be strengthened:

1 do not understand their own customer groups do not know where their potential customers!

2 met with no awareness of their potential customers!

3 itself is lazy, this category is not suitable for business people!

as the enterprise itself, need to do is benign management business personnel, marketing and marketing department of a set of processes and planning, so that the general service staff have display and promotion space, such as marketing and business staff we are engaged in the decoration industry is highly mobile, the industry itself is light and associated with, but also because of poor management of the enterprise itself lead to all kinds of talent and mediocre performance, the reason of course is sometimes in two aspects.

two, do marketing and business to less complaints and excuses

in our industry the author is more a lot of business personnel, who understand the business and marketing personnel rely on royalties and dividends, which directly linked with the performance of their own, a lot of business is not good people often complain about how customers how unruly indifference sound, this kind of person is often attributed to the failure of the objective in the client, and did not examine their work and method in practice. The author is also a marketing staff, is also facing the performance is not good, and in the leadership dialogue in deep understanding to, any problems are our own problems, not only the product does not sell products to people, this sentence is certainly the work at any time, complain less, more positive, less excuse, think, that did not do bad things.

three, trying to overcome their dependence on psychology

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