Taobao unknown good face of the game small and medium sellers to survive the problem into a test

following Taobao mall, Alibaba and will push the new platform of "nameless goods" in January 2011, the Alibaba for Baba TrustPass members of the B2C platform, proposed on January 6, 2011 on the line, the latest not more than January 15th. At the beginning of January 2011 in its navigation bar dedicated "nameless good" platform entrance, the new platform in November 22nd this year to December 5th, the 2500 closed limit solicitation integrity through paying members in quality.


sellers need to join the nameless good? It is understood that the sellers to join behind the unknown good product, first will get the independent search engine flow into; in terms of trust, agreed to store image, a new image of a unified platform, which can largely solve the seller’s credit accumulated problems in brand recognition baby, shop, unified identity, different from the ordinary shops and baby. It can be seen that the flow and credit guarantee is the main support for the advantages of unknown goods on the line. But these advantages are enough to let sellers heart.

but unknown yield is not unconditional, the investment rules added at the request of the seller to pay 2980 yuan fee huakou settled in real time, the technical service fee, namely point deduction, mostly category ranging from 2% to 5%, and the consumer protection service margin, each shop 1000 yuan.

unknown good product line, will produce what kind of impact Taobao after Taobao mall, once again force B2C, is based on what factors?. No good goods charges similar to Taobao mall model. The difference is that the name of a good brand of non branded businesses face, while the introduction of independent traffic. Unknown good products for the seller to sell the biggest selling point is that the flow and credit guarantees, but also pregnant brand, that is, to become famous nameless.

therefore, the selling point of the main business groups facing the market is: do not have the brand but the quality of the business. But the problem also appeared: what is the unknown good product charges Alibaba and Taobao jointly launched the business? How to determine the quality of the merchant must be secured? Can not afford to pay fees but also excellent quality in small sellers not squeezed and buried


analysts have pointed out that for those who do not have the brand really good quality businesses, if unknown good quality products to open up more marketing channels and word-of-mouth communication channels, will undoubtedly make the degree of flexibility in their own shop is higher, but the key point is that the quality of the goods should be said by the consumer is not secured by ma. At the same time, traffic is Taobao’s more than and 200 small and medium-sized sellers in the Taobao shop most seriously, and the "nameless good" this new platform will charge some quality flow away, small sellers to get traffic will be more passive.

why are so eager to transform the B2C global e-commerce experts China Connaught network pointed out that, following the Taobao mall, Taobao homeopathy launched a good name unknown. C2C started Amoy

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