Tencent Baidu and Alibaba once again launched e-commerce war

once, Tencent and Baidu has ah pat is considered to be against taobao.com the dominance of a magic weapon, but with the weakening of Tencent and Alibaba, pat transformation, dominance in B2C, B2B, C2C three e-commerce field only by Jingdong mall, where customers and other vertical electric business impact. Now, Tencent, Alibaba and Baidu again.


at the end of March this year, although Baidu official stressed that it is not "closed", but by the transformation for the tone, but it is still widely believed that this is the Baidu C2C strategic failure. Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send had pointed out that there are ah C2C failure in the earlier Baidu electronic commerce head Li Mingyuan departure doomed.

Baidu chairman Robin Li and Baidu e-commerce division is responsible for the transformation of the Baidu Cai Hu will be located in the "Pan electronic commerce", and from the angle of technology around the Baidu search engine and community resources. In fact, the most suitable for the purchase of the object is not a commodity, but life services, which is Baidu’s Pan e-commerce concept premise." Cai Huru is stressed that this may become the biggest cause of the strategic transformation of Baidu e-commerce, we are playing the role of ‘demand navigation expert’, ‘Box Computing’ is to strengthen this point". While talking about the role and status of Baidu in the field of electronic commerce, Robin Li more willing to move out at Baidu search technology, and put forward the ESE model of e-commerce, e-commerce based on search engine, he believes that this represents the inevitable trend of the future development of electronic commerce.


compared with Baidu’s cautious, Tencent appears to be more radical, only with a red envelope to describe the recent madness of Tencent investment, especially in the field of e-commerce. In addition to red envelopes, circulating in the industry investment of Tencent including B2C shoes, good music to buy mobile phone shopping industry, the sale of treasure, group purchase website F group, as well as a diamond class B2C company, even one store into the investor’s plan, also appeared the figure of Tencent.

in fact, the Tencent of e-commerce investment plans not only covered a wide range, and shot generosity". Good music to buy CEO Li Shubin has confirmed that Tencent chairman Ma Huateng and President of the average person personally with good music to buy the team to communicate, Tencent $50 million investment in music to buy the decision to use only three days. Sources said another diamond B2C company also received $50 million investment in Tencent. Another message is displayed, Tencent former electronic commerce department revoked, replaced by a new e-commerce line, under the electricity supplier operations department, business platform, virtual services department, life service providers and business development department five departments. According to the latest structural adjustment, after all the functions of the e-commerce sector is now solely responsible for electricity supplier operations.

Ma Huateng predicted that the development of e-commerce in 2015 to 40 billion of the scale is still not large, the market size is expected to double or even a growth of three or four times, is bound to become the largest Internet

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