How to write a copy to APPLE Maybe a punctuation mark is enough

do not know when to start, Apple’s conference became a copywriter carnival. APPLE copy, has become almost synonymous with high-end atmosphere on the grade, iphone7 release, types of copy the public number immediately to keep up with.


Apple conference copy Daquan, collection!" "burning brain iphone7 copy, meaning Durex occasion!"……

similar to this article such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, hula

Even President

also stand in the field, want to chat with you


to answer this question, we first have to look at Apple’s copy of what to write

first look at the just released iphone7


well, I heard you were here,


yo Ho, I pretend not to know



said the same spy with


as long as it is iPhone, with what are eye-catching


the toilet out of the pit, more

, too wonderful for words

see these documents, I do not know how everyone wants

anyway, the president has only one experience –


for Apple’s copy, learn to use a comma is the basic skills

if there is no comma, "7 in this" can not be a sentence

if there is no comma, "two shots hit it off will become very dull

if there is no comma, the new camera on this appearance may only be the title of a press release

on the contrary, with a comma, and then mediocre sentences can also be forced

such as "iPhone stereo rendering" this sentence is not strictly a good copy –

does not have a sense of the screen (contrast iPod classic copy of the 1000 songs into the pocket)

is not much of an idea (compared to iphone6’s "the only difference is different everywhere")

but people used to use a comma


for Apple’s Chinese copy, with a comma, as if it can bring their own forced grid, causing a bunch of people to eat melon madness

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