The relationship between network public relations and enterprise’s smooth development

these days often see on the Internet, SEO SEO will bring what income decide on what path to follow something like this to the webmaster, Jianye not qualified to comment, because I now also are learning stage, the Jianye today is to share with you today that I have learned.


today said the relationship of network public relations and business, I believe we all know if a company is done once the network of public relations at he will bring benefit to the enterprise can make the enterprise and could not stand up, maybe some friends will say network public relations can have so much power? I can tell you the network public relations have such a great power. For example a few days a man called Lan Dong in the online fire, she is focused on our 80, 90 people say what send us educational film I have seen, in which she will call every single word or phrase to scold her, not only I have such a feeling much better on the Internet people also made a video for Lan Dong, has called her admiration of her courage. And do not say to Sister Lotus and angel sister, I think the hype Lan Dong do very failure, speculation Lan Dong is a team is allow all doubt, this team is very professional, she is mainly for Lan Dong is a billionaire to despise 80, 90, a now 80, 90 after a lot of people on the Internet. I love to see this entertainment gossip he caught this, Super Girls than the Spring Festival Gala ratings are high can imagine this huge crowd. There is a successful case of using his good sister lotus extension. Illustrates the power of network public relations.

that how to make the healthy development of the network of public relations, how do we use this effective tool? We used to search through public relations is in the network media, such as newspapers, Internet forums, message boards, blogs, Post Bar etc.. If we are all positive information of an enterprise will bring good effect to the enterprise, who is on the top of Baidu will suddenly feel the rapid expansion of influence in the expansion, is more than ranking to bring traffic growth. He can make a famous enterprise suddenly lively because of a press release can also make the enterprise notorious. The blog on the website of the enterprise can promote the construction of the corporate image actively, and the press release should be released to the outside readers to see the positive publicity.

short, people in the online speech way is very wide, which give a serious challenge to the enterprise, people through forums, blogs, chat, sending statements in Post Bar will affect the corporate image, but if the enterprise can occupy the position of one step ahead if you can help the enterprise’s normal development. Personal point of view, there are friends that unreasonable place can contact me.

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