Price 688 yuan! Small children watch new glory K phone cool release

December 12th 2015 glory anniversary "was held successfully in Shenzhen Universiade center, in the excitement, carnival, cry over the glory but also for consumers to bring a variety of stunning works, including two new small K glory glory K small children watch call iron man and Captain America version version, equipped with a long and normal watch strap watch strap two. The new watch market price of 688 yuan, and take the form of open purchase, December 22nd will be officially landed HUAWEI Mall (, Jingdong (, Tmall HUAWEI mall official flagship store ( platform three first pin.


as a new generation of children watch, super corps, toy story, Princess Disney and frozen four versions of already released several months, during which won many parents and children favor. Today, the glory once again teamed up with Disney launched its children’s watch the theme of Granville – iron man and Captain America version. Insiders said that the children watch ID design mature and stable, to a certain extent, also means that the glory has formed a comprehensive coverage of children of all ages in this area, product, brand image will be significantly improved.


it is reported that the latest version of the glory of small K in addition to the appearance of groundbreaking iron man, the captain of the United States, the elements of the elements of the purchase price for consumers. December 7th -12 month 15 days period, where the purchase of mobile phone users can receive the glory glory K small coupons 100 yuan, the use of vouchers after the price of 588 yuan to buy all the glory of Disney small version of the K.

color touch, vivid and interesting

children’s concern for new things tend to focus on the external appearance, so at the beginning of the product design, glory Disney official authorization, and designed the children watch the appearance, theme and accessories, and the latest version of K children call glory small watches – Iron Man version and the version of Captain America is based on Disney marvel animation. Whether it is before the toy story, Princess Disney, super corps and frozen, or just released version of iron man, Captain America Version, glory small K according to children’s preferences when selecting season’s theme. It is understood that the follow-up will continue to launch a variety of different theme version of the rich, in order to enrich existing products, covering more age children.

compared with other children on the market watch, glory small K also innovative into touch screen + elements, which makes Disney interface experience has been further upgraded. Watch with a 1.3 inch PMOLED color touch screen, the screen uses a high surface hardness of PMMA material, hardness of up to 6H level, in the game and severe shipped >

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