The domain name unrestricted warfare.Travel dominate the global tourism resources

      new domain name brings new opportunities

      into May, physical and mental fatigue Luo Ande may relax. ".Travel" the top-level domain name landed in China this month. Luo Ande is the president of tralliance,.Travel domain name is also an enabler, in his view, the arrival of the 2008 Olympic Games, is undoubtedly a great opportunity to promote the development of the entire.Travel domain name in the global market.

      in recent years, can be registered as.Com,.Net and other resources to solve the problem of lack of international top-level domain gradually, the Internet top management agency, ICANN (ICANN) has opened a number of new international top-level domain name, the domain name.Mobi (mobile phone),.Travel (tourism most people are optimistic about).

      of course, if you want to change the way people use ".Com" and ".Net" international top-level domain habit is not easy, but Luo Ande love fun challenge, "we really come in advance of the age of the Internet, it is different from the current sense of the Internet, is not known as a virtual space a technology platform, it will be more and more detailed division of labor. For an industry as a whole the standard management system should have a role in promoting." Luo Ande believes that the future of the Internet domain name is very fine, sports field is.Sport, the field of music is.Music". The role of the "manager" in the industry is very important.

      2005, ".Travel" and ".Post" approved by ICANN, the tourism industry of the ".Travel" in 2006 to a new "attitude" appeared on the Internet, and its success will be the future of the Internet segment situation provides a basic "mode" or reference.

      at the same time, Luo Ande’s company has become the.Travel domain name registration authority.

      design in Luo Ande,.Travel.Travel registered domain name list records each of the tourist products and service information, through online search for tourism professionals and "tripbod" provides a hitherto unknown depth, more convenient travel information search. The so-called "depth" is to provide customers with all the conditions of the search results at the same time, the first to show qualified tourist attractions or enterprises.

      "therefore, we create more than just a new directory system, >

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