An analysis on the operation of local talent network

in any area, so there are several types of formats in the job market, it is an enterprise, the most high-end enterprise, because the demand is created, under the right to speak in the hands of enterprises, enterprises, recruitment website, occupation introduction, labor service companies, the three is the most common but in fact, there is a very easy to be neglected, that is, friends and acquaintances, find a job through this kind of person also accounted for a large proportion, but this part of the job is generally not bad

said the first recruitment website, has hosted the personnel departments of local talent network in each area, this type of website has congenital advantage, with a golden key to grow up, but also a fair right, if the two words be made one, careful operation and management, so a large number of owners or companies all die

introduced the occupation and service companies in the survey found that the Songjiang talent network early, this one actually has a lot of job resources, private enterprises grassroots workers, what to rely on to survive, is running to contact the HR of the enterprise, many enterprises HR days and months multiplying, also used to recruit people for labor the direct, give up, quickly, the most important thing is not to spend what money, some could get some benefits, Why not??

so in my understanding, a regional recruitment website should be a regional talent transfer station, should be for business and personal services, which focus on three aspects of the final service, so I understand, the enterprise should be the top, then the following is the recruitment website, then the following is services and personal. Of course, this requires a change, but the concept of gas will achieve this goal, Songjiang talent network


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