Grassroots analysis Taobao passenger commission income has shrunk significantly

in recent months, a lot of Amoy friends complain, visits the same as before, now the transformation is much lower (the amount of commission per thousand clicks). I also have such a situation, puzzling, in the end what is the main reason for


so it is easy to blame the alliance in the black list, Olivia Union Commission, many guest friends asked to display all order details, but also because of this estimation.

I believe the real situation is not so, I have always admired Ma Yun, Ali Co, and Ali Co to make a lot of things, I believe a great company to do 102 years, will not do such a thing.

but the fact is that the same flow, income and conversion has dropped by at least 30%, some friends say more than a decline of more than 50%, personal analysis, there may be the following reasons:

a, use components (down about 25%)

I use my

station (bicycle evaluation made a test on the same page at the same time, component placement and self promotion link (href self-help links), as follows:



if the component is not loaded successfully, visitors will click on the link in the href, click on the situation can be observed from the background of the union.

below is a recent period of click data:


the final result is that about 25% of the visitors did not click on the link to the component generated. If you use components, there will be about 25% visitors can not give you a commission.

two, via love Taobao (down about 33%)

visitor browsing path analysis: click on your link (1), reach the love Taobao click (2) and then enter the purchase page. Click on the merchandise page (3) to buy you a commission. Users must at least third clicks, you can start the order of action.

do user experience optimization students must have heard of the three click principle, that is, if the majority of users can not find the information they want to see after the 3 click will stop browsing. In other words, more than 1 clicks will lose about 33.33% of visitors, down to a total of third clicks. This is what the individual has tested.

users click on your link to is to see a similar product in this commodity more? Or want to buy or see the product itself? Why should love Taobao more than 1 clicks, it can start to buy similar products? Love Taobao, consistent with the wishes of the user clicks on the


at the same time, love Taobao, really let some people confused, especially white users: This is what Taobao? Why more than one word? Is not a virus website?

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