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  this content comes from 11307927 (Web site promotion skills) group map.

          figure Wang lecture, I listen to the lecture in QQ group? If you say in the class, we must laugh, that is what Dongdong, who is the king? But really, I know, before the start of the 2.5 novels (i.e. 12:30 points) into the "web site to improve the 40 technology group to 200 now full group, at the same time, the kind of shock is not general, it can be imagined, the graph king in the webmaster heart respect. Just imagine, in the University, there is a lesson many professors and lecturers to full, or even full?

      graph king recommendation: the word=%D0%C2%CA%D6%D5%BE%B3%A4%C8%E7%BA%CE%D2%C0%BF%BF%CD%F8%D5%BE%D7%AC%D0%A1%C7%AE%B5%C4%BE%AD%D1%E9%BC%BC%C7%C9%3f%62%61%69%64%75

lecture? Word=%B8%F8%B2%DD%B8%F9%D5%BE%B3%A4%B5%C449%CC%F5%D5%E6%B3%CF%D6%D2%B8%E6%BA%CDCase%3f%62%61%69%64%75 Word=%D6%D0%D0%A1%CD%F8%D5%BE%BD%BB%D2%D7%BB%F0%B1%AC%B5%C4%B1%B3%BA%F3%D4%AD%D2%F2%3f%62%61%69%64%75

            2 o’clock, Wang Wang on time began his lecture.

figure Wang (470666) 13:59:59

            I began to talk about the theme of the promotion of practical skills.


  King (470666);           we have been doing personal website, actually all the website, also is the promotion process, concerned about the topic of stationmaster, also is 2 words. I don’t care about

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