Taking advantage of the Olympic Games to see old drivers how to grab the advertisement

as the world’s largest sporting event in the world once every four years, has been the concern of people around the world. To prime time boost brand marketing, marketing has become the most this summer madness, so how to prepare the Rio Olympic marketing promotion battle of


Olympic year, the national interaction, the fierce competition in the field of athletes and the competition under the major brands competing, how much less soft Wen promotion for each major brand marketing power?

a. Clothing

few people know, friends laugh as "scrambled egg with tomato" Chinese athletes opening ceremony dress, is sponsored by the company.


is China Olympic delegation lingjiangfu sponsor, 361° is the Rio Olympics official supplier, from the brand show effect is good, but few people know, friends laugh as" scrambled egg with tomato "Chinese athletes opening ceremony dress, is sponsored by the company." Deputy director of research Yang Yan said Ipsos China.

361° with the signing of the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee, become the official supplier of the Rio Olympics, the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, test match volunteers, technical personnel as well as the torch relay hands will be wearing 361° clothing. In the swearing in ceremony, track and field referee Martini · 361° a body, 20 seconds lens close-up let 361° out of the limelight.

two. Food

compared to the past, this year the most intuitive feeling is that in the past, the excitement of the Olympic brand marketing this time seems to be a lot of silence. The most obvious example is the two "Olympic marketing of the nouveau riche" McDonald’s and Coca-Cola is no longer the past "big". "Chicago business daily (Chicago Business Journal)" reported that McDonald’s will change the marketing strategy of the Olympic Games, there is no plan for the global large-scale brand advertising. And Coca-Cola’s Olympic marketing strategy is also adjusted, compared to the London Olympics, Coca-Cola Olympic marketing activities #ThatsGold (now is gold) to reduce the number of countries covered by half.

three. Electrical

for the Rio Olympic Games, the most important form of home appliance brands to participate in the sponsorship of the national team, such as advertising. For example, Hisense sponsored the Chinese gymnastics team, the United States sponsored diving, swimming and flower swim team, TCL sponsored the Chinese men’s basketball team.

U.S. central air conditioning outside the sun alone, said the Rio Olympic Games a total of 15 venues and ancillary facilities need to use air conditioning. The Olympic Games for GREE and orders, broke out in May this year, now still shows a thick smell of gunpowder.

four. Platform

this year is 17 days away from the opening of the Olympic Games

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