2016 investment what good Stocks Fund P2P Property Three new board

find the best friend around you, the best friend, the money to him, let him go to make money, make money for everyone, you bear the risk of his failure, he points you a small part of the fruit. For personal investment, this is the largest investment opportunities.


a few days ago in the new year, a lot of friends heard the bandits do investment, will be very sincere to come over to ask, "what is the recent investment?".

I can experience the sad face of friends: as of 2015 this year, whether it is a personal investment, or investment institutions are not easy.

those who don’t buy the stock, guess, probably a big loss can only choke in the stomach, to buy stock funds too.

investment of the house is not happy, to speak up? Indeed, individual city soared, but the city is more than Yindie, but as the process of urbanization is slowing, inverted population structure, open land supply, the long-term decline is inevitable.

so, there is no longer like before to see a rise in the event of A. Regardless of the policy can not come out, property prices will fall. Although the real estate investors and bystanders, some real estate fell 20% or so, but also on the loan down payment did not, but for people to buy a house, I do not know what the taste.

P2P, civil usury, various industrial factories… Don’t quote what fantasy, can take back the principal lucky.

say that those who only hold the renminbi has been watching, in fact, not good to go. Although the absolute number may not look less, but look at the exchange rate, and then look at the purchasing power of the market, this is not doing anything in the devaluation, but also a lot of derogatory, basically the same sad.

What about



my view is actually very simple, is to find the best people around you in a reliable friend, give him the money and let him go to make money, make money us a penny, you take the risk of his failure, he is a small part of you. For personal investment, this is the largest investment opportunities.

it is well known that the mainstream of personal investment is currently in the interests of the deficit, in fact, most of the investment is not suitable for most people, we may wish to briefly review:

shares: at present, the large level of market is not easy, stocks grasp the high degree of difficulty, for investors who do not want to invest time is of little significance.

Fund: for the performance of public funds, I can only ha ha……

P2P: now most of the P2P in the end do not reliable I do not say, the so-called brand of insurance companies and insurance are empty, if you knew the large shareholders, investor or CEO, understand the operation mechanism of investment, or.

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