The nternet blog A new force suddenly rises. personal consumption 270 billion

Ronaldinho is my code, football is my ammunition, left and right shift, I use my feet and kicked out of a wave of the world……" With the fast-paced song, video footage, Brazil star Ronaldinho flash turn maneuvers with Hyun skills. This is the reporter on "podcast" column to see the wonderful performance". The name "Ronaldinho is my code name" works within 10 days has been 270 times on demand.

China Internet Association recently released "2007 Chinese Internet survey report" (hereinafter referred to as the report) shows that the Internet has become more and more interesting: blog / podcast video sharing site just unfolding, A new force suddenly rises. has reached 76 million people, the size of the audience.

podcast audience reached 76 million

not only has become an ordinary podcast users, many stars have become a podcast. Singer Tan Jing will own three music video on Sina podcast, immediately attracted many users click on the most popular song on demand more than 1500 times.

when people are no longer satisfied with the traditional blog only with words and pictures, the podcast was born. editor Chen Tong believes that the podcast will provide a stage for network fancier.

today, the podcast service, users can easily upload video files, bloggers can also establish the album in the podcast, be arranged to establish personal online video library. The reporter opens a podcast website, there are friends funny talk show, the original or cover songs, there are users self DV video clips and so on, the content is very rich.

Because of the obvious advantages,

is rapidly being accepted and favored by the public. Report data show that: 2006 Chinese podcast / video sharing site audience size has reached up to 76 million people. Just as the rise with the Web2.0 features the Internet service, the user scale has been even more than B2C (business to consumer) electronic commerce, automobile, real estate development and some years of traditional Internet services.

blog increase of up to 85

%1 14, actor Xu Jinglei in Sina’s "Xu" blog click rate has already exceeded 720 thousand. "Xu" reveals the tender feeling for grandma in a short essay of three hundred or four hundred words. Podcast ferocious, also based on the new Internet application Web2.0 blog has not been forgotten, more people are still accustomed to depth and emotion to the delicate thoughts with words.

According to the

report, the number of Chinese bloggers reached 20 million 800 thousand, of which the active blogger was about $3 million 150 thousand. Blog access up to 101 million. 2006 blog service user arrival rate (the number of users in a blog of the year accounted for the relative proportion of the total size of China Internet users) was 74.52%, up 12.32% over the previous year, in all segments of the Internet service type is one of the most significant increase.

, like traditional media, blogs are more than just tables

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