How to improve website trust

what is the degree of trust in the site, when visitors visit your site to give you the level of trust. Website Trust can not only reduce the site to jump out rate, improve the conversion rate of visitors, is an important way to improve traffic, website details determine the fate of the site, through the following details, can improve the site trust

, a website design is clear and generous, according to the website of the relevant customers, good color collocation ZhengZhan, clear menu design, beautiful and elegant, gives visitors a visual sense of enjoyment.

two column classification, classification according to the website, do not clear, it is all powerful, and it is very fine and very practical, can let customers find what he is looking for in a very short period of time, this way are used most of the group company, convenient user experience, high efficiency.

three website content, website content with the best original nature, no typos, evaluation, lists the relevant third party to give information, rich content, frequently updated, so that visitors understand the first time related information.

four site interaction function, Web2.0 is currently one of the leading interactive way, blog, forums, message feedback, convenient for the first time online to understand the demand of customer feedback information, and is convenient for internal information exchange, lack of understanding, to further improve the user experience environment.

five the domain name of the website, the website will not easily change the domain name, select the domain name carefully, domain name to the site or domain name or spelling to call the shots, the long-term culture continues, not only improve trust domain, but also increase the weights of the domain name, the best time to renew for 8 years.

six website services, website services, contact information in an easy to find location, provide a full range of services, MSN, QQ, email, telephone number (including the 400, 800 telephone consultation), fax, address, name and so on, all put up, to provide quality service, convenient user communication contact.

seven website itself, 1, contains the site ICP record operating site record; 2, cooperation Links home, don’t put too much, will not affect the beauty of the home; 3, the use of SEO optimization, maintain company related products, to take good rankings, and won’t search results is the opponent’s website, 4, the website below indicate the copyright, reprint and other related information is prohibited.

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