The content of the content of the head of the entrepreneurial point of pain in the end where

Meng Yonghui, author of this article on I dark horse contribution.

a IP has been developed from a single direction towards the development of multiple thinking, which is the era of the depth of the operation of the contents of the arrival of the logo, the same is the beginning of the role of the head of the role of the gradual prominence. In a sense, the control of a domain or a IP head content has become the key to the success or failure of content operations. Content has always been the content of entrepreneurs who will enter the industry, the golden rule". It is because of the existence of this rule, they will not dare to venture capital, and strive to obtain the attention through content innovation.

logic thinking, Bo Wang Chi, elephant association…… On behalf of these entrepreneurs let us see them for the content of the first "golden rule" of the firm, let us see the content still has its own soil to survive in the era of rapid consumption. However, with the advent of broadcast, short video and VR content of the new form, we feel more and more so-called "content is king" has not enough to support the development of the content industry, put forward new requirements to a whole new way of expression of entrepreneurs.

new technology, new ideas, new models, content is no longer the content

The traditional

content usually stay in the novel, film and television, games as the representative of the shallow level of content, the content used in the traditional age of the Internet has created a lot of people eyeball detonated achievements, and to win the market attention in a certain field. Admittedly, the traditional sense of the content of achievements of the contents of the web side operation to thrive, and gave birth to the emergence of a series of content production company, the starting point of the rise, grand prosperity, the development of NetEase is the product of the era of traditional content operation.

in the traditional era of content management, content entrepreneurs are more concerned about the production and distribution of content, and through the production and distribution of content to achieve their own profit and growth. Therefore, in the era of traditional content management, content entrepreneurs are more concerned about the content of the full and wide distribution channels. More and more of the content on behalf of the different types of users can be obtained, a wide range of channels for the distribution of different types of channels can be realized. Seize the content and channels of these two aspects of the traditional content of the grasp of the lifeline, you can simply produce content, multi-channel realized.

With the deepening of

content operation, especially the new model of the new technology, new thinking, the emergence of people thinking about content operation gradually, while the content of entrepreneurs thinking began to subtly change. However, the supremacy of the content of this guide entrepreneurs golden rule has not changed.

to WeChat, micro-blog, today’s headlines, a little information represented by the new means of communication to assume the traditional content distribution channels operate during the task, more people start to get content with these new media. Content entrepreneurs began to use the new media to spread content, but only to see themselves as a

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