Some misunderstanding of Taobao promotion operations practical experience to down to earth

first introduce myself: I sell a small and medium-sized, operating two C stores, a crown, a diamond shop, the monthly turnover of about 30W. Taobao is an art, it is a toil live! It is a pity on this road, there are a lot of people pretend to master in some theory advocates, killed many small sellers! Gossip does not say the point


1 probably from the second half of last year, a lot of people on micro-blog, a variety of forums, began to promote Taobao to destroy the explosion. My view is: Taobao’s attitude for the explosion, may not support, but definitely not oppose. But for the small and medium-sized, build shop explosion models is the operation of choice, of course, the premise is that Taobao sales. The following simple analysis, Taobao why not destroy explosion models, we should know a pin 3W 1W praise and a no deal, no two commodity evaluation, even if the main figure of their baby, baby details page even want to name the same situation, the conversion rate is also a heaven. An underground. If Taobao is recommended to the buyers of such goods, that Taobao’s overall conversion rate is not dropped? I think, maybe this is not a good thing for Taobao? Now Taobao mobile phone sales is also growing. In the mobile phone Taobao, ranking is still ranked according to popularity. So small sellers in the beginning, the idea is still to burst some, only the first burst of a single burst shop!

2 to train the myth, and even worship! Do not know what influenced many small sellers has been that the train is a wonderful tool to magic can bring their own shop around, do! Really be familiar with direct car knows the train is just a tool for drainage drainage tool!! many drivers! Love expert data actually know that their data is good, the real reason is because people are good, good customer service, art and good service, supply chain, the overall operation is good! And the drivers just played a role of icing on the cake! When it comes to how to use drainage drainage, train. I think:? A good train is often an accounting work, will be afterwards it! Your clothes you can earn 100 yuan a single paragraph of the promotion expenses control in 40-50 yuan OK, no more, no less than that! You will lose money, less, not to maximize your profits! A lot of people do not have such a big profit today into the first 3 pages, is silly, in fact some large hot word row to 101, or click, and click on the price is very low, it is a good way to train drainage! The key point is the click rate, the decision is the most important factor to train promotion picture hits, and the promotion of good pictures must be constantly screened. My operation method is the promotion content finally screened out satisfied through many plans! Drainage, directional promotion is not open around the topic, the directional flow is particularly large, if you can click rate, click on the average unit price is relatively low. In addition to the station to click on the price than the station

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