Short video marketing era how to develop marketing strategies

4G era has accelerated the development of short video industry, now has dozens of short video applications, such as the well-known television, pops odd, micro shot, second shot. Then with the help of the mobile Internet boom, many people have turned to the marketing platform for the promotion of micro video, but general micro video length is short, just a few minutes or even tens of seconds. This is a big difficulty to promote the product, the placement of advertising time is too long to make users tired. And short video must be in the first time to attract the user’s eye, otherwise it is difficult to cause the user to pay attention, of course, the effect of the promotion is minimal.


micro video marketing is the first step in the development of content strategy, to give a simple example: the promotion of female cosmetics micro video, should focus on the topic of women’s attention. For example, into the elements of entertainment gossip to star makeup photos and photos of life as a comparison, leading to the problem of how to choose cosmetics. Or in a humorous, funny way to introduce the effectiveness of a cosmetic, this approach is more likely to attract users to click, together with a connotation of the title, do not worry no user is willing to click. As long as the click is tantamount to an increase in advertising exposure, and sometimes you can sell Meng, funny expression to attract users.

short video marketing is the second step in the placement of advertising, how in just a few seconds of the screen into the advertising information, it requires a little innovation. For example: you can make a Lianliankan video screen, allowing users to compare the difference between the two characters, but it is best to attract people’s attention. The difference is that a picture of a beautiful woman holding a bottle of cosmetics, of course, this is not what advertising creativity. It can learn from the works of others, to see how colleagues are the earliest dipper gourd painting can be. But dozens of seconds of the screen to allow users to remember your products, it is very difficult, so you have to continue to release micro video.

the last step is to keep the heat, adhere to a day or every two days to release a micro video, so you must have a team to reproduce the production of micro video. Although on the network can also find some product related video, but those videos are not necessarily suitable for their own. To micro video marketing more effective, you need to have a lot of original micro video. In fact, a little bit similar to the micro film, both need story, characters, content, etc., but the length of the micro video is too short, so do not need any story, to express a concept can be. As for the characters must be essential, in this regard, the need for extras.

micro video marketing and micro film marketing have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, if the video does well certainly can detonate flow. But now there are too many similar micro video on the Internet, copying and copying too much content. So how to make micro video more attractive, and even more wonderful, this is the key to the success of micro video marketing.

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