How to promote the site to be included in Baidu more than 10000 pages

my site opened more than a year, now Baidu included about 10000 pages.

personally think that mainly in three areas.

one is content. Do not repeat the content and others, even if the collection is to remember to modify their own.

two is a web page structure (including keywords, title, domain name, URL, etc.). There is not much to say

three is a link. Links include internal links and external links. No one and you change links. Only to the major blog, Baidu post bar and the major forum advertising. Advertisers to delete general, you have to pay attention to words, can be directly to the advertising version or management version of what the interactive link (in fact no one or others don’t change you never mind, this is the main general manager will not delete. Is mainly to search to see, as long as the above points to do, basically no problem.

talk about the following

1 can not be too optimized, not for SEO and SEO.

2 can not do too much of the commercialization of key words, the same check.

3 links can not lead a day too much, or Google may be considered to be issued by the advertising machine.

4 guide links should pay attention to each station by the content is different, the best targeted, such as Wangzhuan forum, I just introduced the related higher things.

5 at the beginning of your station is not famous, you can use your home page (or even bold Taogong) change the name of the pages like the way.

6 advertising must pay attention to the key words, in the key to do some links, don’t just send url.

              presumably think of these. Want to have a little help to the new owners.

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